What to do with diarrhea? What can I eat when I have diarrhea?

What to do with diarrhea?

Diarrhea can be caused by many things. Such as colds, illnesses, gastrointestinal medications, side effects of medications, or bad food, etc. The causes and types of diarrhea are quite diverse, and therefore the treatment may be different as well.

But when we have diarrhea, do we need to stop diarrhea, or what should we pay attention to or eat during diarrhea. In this article, we will provide you with some suggestions for your future reference.


How to deal with diarrhea?

Because the cause of diarrhea is quite diverse, the way to deal with it is also different.

For example, if you have bad food or gastroenteritis and you have a fever, it may not be appropriate to take “anti-diarrhea medication” because the cause of diarrhea may also be excreting food residues that cannot be absorbed through bowel movements, and taking anti-diarrhea medication may cause the opposite effect.

Therefore, in most cases of diarrhea, we must first look at what is causing the problem before choosing the right way to deal with it.

If the cause of diarrhea is unknown, or even if the diarrhea is recurrent, then it is important to see a doctor to see if there are any other illnesses in the body.

Diet for diarrhea? What can I eat if I have diarrhea?

Generally speaking, the most important thing to pay attention when you have diarrhea is to replenish water to avoid dehydration. However, besides drinking water, it is also important to replenish nutrition and energy for the body.

But what foods can we eat when we have diarrhea and diarrhea?

1. Avoid foods or beverages that contains dairy or lactose.

2. Avoid foods or beverages such as beans, sugary drinks, overly sweet foods, fried foods, spices and other foods or beverages that irritate the stomach or produce gas easily.

3. It is recommended to start with low-fiber, low-fat foods, such as white bread, steamed fish, boiled lean meat, boiled eggs, or bananas, etc.


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