How to use blogs to make money and earn passive income?


How to Use Blog(Website) to Earn Income for Yourself?

In this article, I’m going to teach you how to spend a little time each week to run your own blog to create an extra passive income for yourself, and even make blogs become your main source of income!

Although there are hundreds of ways to make money from blogs, the most common ways to make money from blogs (websites) can be roughly divided into the following 5 ways:

1. Online Advertising / Ad Network

It is one of the most common ways for bloggers to make money, mainly by placing advertisers’ ads on their blogs, and these ads are usually divided into 2 types:

(a) CPC / PPC advertising

  • CPC = Cost Per Click
  • PPC = Pay Per Click

Basically, for this type of advertisement, as long as the visitor clicks on the advertisement in the blog, the blogger can get a remuneration share of a few cents to a few dollars.

Common Advertising Partners:

This is one of the easiest, most direct and fast ways to make money.

But this must be that your blog already has a considerable degree of “traffic”, otherwise the income potential is actually not great.

This is also the most misunderstood situation by many novice bloggers. Many people are too eager to place ads on their blogs, and even do a lot of advertising cooperation together.

I thought that this would result in immediate income, but too many advertisements may cause the visitor’s favorability to decrease, and increase the bounce rate, which will adversely affect SEO.

Therefore, it is usually necessary to accumulate time and continuously provide valuable content. After attracting more traffic, there is a better chance of earning sufficient advertising revenue.

(b) CPM advertising

Another type of advertising is CPM (Cost Per 1000 impression), which represents the cost of advertising per “thousand times”.

Usually coexist with CPC, which means that when the advertiser’s advertisement is viewed 1,000 times, you can get a fee regardless of whether the advertisement is clicked or not.

“Viewed” means that people who visit the blog do not need to click on it. Even if they are just loading a web page containing an advertisement, they may be recorded as a single impression.

However, as with CPC, the higher the traffic of your website/blog, the more chances you will get higher superficial income.

According to my experience, the “English” blogs with a monthly traffic of about 100,000 can earn between US$150 ~ US$200 in advertising revenue through Google Adsense.


2. Sell “Private” Ads

In other words, instead of using the above-mentioned advertising network, the manufacturer will find you, or find the manufacturer to sell the advertising space on your website to earn income.

As you can imagine, it’s like you are a landlord who rents out a storefront. Many people want to sell, do business, and advertise in your storefront, and you rent out your storefront space to other people to earn superficial income. income.

The range and flexibility of this income will be relatively free. For example, a banner on the homepage, a large advertisement in an article, or even a simple Backlink can require advertisers to pay the advertising fees in one lump sum, or negotiate every Monthly fixed payment and other methods.

For example:
Some vendors will contact us, hoping to add some links or introductory texts to my own blog posts. If your blog itself has a lot of traffic, they are even willing to pay thousands of dollars a month, and advertise on your website or blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Many people do not know the term affiliate marketing, but affiliate marketing has indeed been a very “popular” way of making money in recent years, and it has also helped many bloggers earn higher amounts of revenue.

And many large-scale websites have launched alliance marketing cooperation programs and strategies, so what is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a business model that mainly earns revenue by sharing useful products or recommending useful products, but it does not hold the product itself, nor does it deal with related shipping issues, but simply “recommends.” Products or services help manufacturers obtain business and transactions to earn so-called “commissions.”

No need to match the industry, just go online (such as Amazon) to find some products you want to recommend, and get the recommended link URL. When your readers read your recommendation and click on your recommended URL to complete the purchase of the product Or service behavior, you can get a relative profit sharing bonus.

For affiliate marketing, you don’t even need to have a blog. You can do affiliate marketing as long as you have social media, groups such as Facebook and Instagram, or share links with communication software Line and Whatsapp.

Here are a few recommended websites with affiliate marketing services, readers can go to see, usually free registration:

1on1 Affiliate Program(Super recommended)

4. Sell Your Own Products or Services

If you are successful in running a blog, you want to publish books, sell products, sell services, or sell paid subscription content, e-books, or even line stickers, online courses, etc., all of which can generate income.

The only trouble with this method is that it takes some time to produce these products, and the preparation time is relatively long.

You may have to make purchase pages, pay pages, etc.

But for bloggers who sell products or services themselves, it is a very shallow way to make money, because you can directly control 100% of the profits.

Operating websites, blogs, and Youtube may also give you more business opportunities.

Such as: go to various places to give speeches, interviews, show shows, invite you to provide consulting services, etc.

It’s just that it must take a certain amount of time to operate and it is more likely to be achieved when it is dedicated to certain markets.


5. Sell your blog or website

There are many experts who run blogs on the Internet, such as a girl named Sporkypie before.

After she set up a new blog, she only operated for about 13 months, and she sold the domains and blogs she operated for US$28,000, and she said that during this period, she only spent about 6 Months of working time on this blog, this is a pretty powerful result!

And I have heard of a team from India before. They often buy old domains with good website scores, then write new content, create new website architectures, and produce a large number of articles and content every day. The blog’s SEO is optimized, and then the domain and website are sold step by step, or they can earn money by selling backlinks.




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