How to relax the body and mind quickly?


In real life, people always feel anxious and irritable under pressure from work or family. There must be practical ways to relax the body and mind and solve the pressure in life. Here are a few practical ways to relieve stress:

1. Take a deep breath

Deep breathing can alleviate the emotional response that is about to explode. You only need to inhale from your nose, slowly flow through your abdomen, and then to your ribs, then slowly exhale these breaths from your nose, and gently relax. It only takes a few seconds of action and you can be completely new.

2. Relax muscles

In three minutes, you can try to do the following actions to relax the muscles.
(1) Sit down and close your eyes
(2) Inhale, continue to inhale for about six seconds, on the one hand, tighten your muscles as much as possible
(3) Exhale the breath you breathed in with a hissing sound, let your body relax, and then breathe in rhythm for twenty seconds
(4) Repeat twice more.

Or you can improve muscle tension by massaging the muscles or using a massage gun.

3. Take a hot bath

Hot bath is the oldest tranquilizer. To relax yourself, it is best to soak in hot water that is higher than your body temperature for no more than 15 minutes. A warm bath can also help.

4. Take a walk

Try not to arrange lunch appointments as much as possible, use lunch time to rest your mind, be alone, and enjoy your lunch slowly and fully.

Afterwards, you can go for a walk. A ten-minute relaxing walk can relieve the tension and the effect can last for 1 to 2 hours.

5. Talk to yourself

This does not mean that you are crazy, in fact, it can help you avoid going on a path of destruction.

Talking to yourself is a good way to deal with stress. This method mainly allows oneself to have the opportunity to listen, ask and think about one’s own problems, so that the field of vision will not become narrow.

6. Don’t panic too much

If you often say something like “Oh my God! How miserable! Let me die!” You may be overly panicking.

If necessary, imagine yourself in a flood, so you can understand that a big acne on your face is not a big deal.

7. Turn on the music and dance to the song

Some experts say that relaxing music should be played slowly and quietly by the instrument, but if you hate listening to Brahms’s music, it’s okay. Quiet music has two characteristics: familiarity and preference. So no matter what kind of music it is, as long as it can make you happy.

8. Do exercise

Regular exercise may be the most practical way to relieve stress. Doing forty minutes of exercise can reduce stress for up to three hours, while rest at the same time can only make you relaxed for 20 minutes. At the same time, if you are more nervous, you will feel more happy after exercise.

9. Do nothing

It is indeed not easy for a busy person to put everything down suddenly, but everyone needs some blank time. In real life, the competition is fierce. If you don’t leave some time for yourself, you will make yourself nervous, irritable, and anxious, and will affect others relatively.

10. The world is not perfect

Acknowledging that perfection is the biggest cheating game in the world, we must understand that 100% perfection is impossible to achieve. If it can reach 90%, it has been quite successful. For example, perfectionists demand perfection, and in the end it only brings them to their career. And the boredom and dissatisfaction of personal life, even if they work tirelessly, perfectionists are not necessarily more accomplished and narrow than others.

11. Ask an expert

All the concept of stress relief emphasizes the use of some techniques to balance excessive stress, not to let yourself be free from any stress. So if you can’t control the pressure yourself, don’t suffer silently by yourself. It’s helpful to talk to a doctor or expert.



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