Five scientific methods to increase concentration

How to increase concentration?

The Internet is full of various suggestions that teach us how to focus our attention when facing a lot of disturbing factors.

But many of these methods are either impractical at all, or exclude you from the office environment, or even cause you to worry about missing something and upset.

How many of us always find what we do inspiring and fun?
How many people can turn off social networks willingly?
How many people wear earphones all day, or even temporarily leave their jobs?

Below we will introduce how to improve your concentration through five scientific methods!

1. Daydreaming

This may seem counterintuitive, but when you have difficulty concentrating, “distracting your thinking a little” may be one of the best ways to cope.

More and more psychologists have discovered that we will spend a lot of time daydreaming;

According to some indicators, the proportion of such activities is as high as 50%.

Because of this, some psychologists believe that absent-mindedness is not a malfunction, but a key component of the entire system that helps the human brain function properly.


2. Get Some Fun

In the eyes of many people, the most distracting procrastinator is the funny cat video.

But some psychologists believe that this may help us adjust the appropriate mental state in order to continue to engage in the work at hand.

This is because, no matter how much you love your job, it takes a lot of willpower to concentrate on the difficult things.

A recent study found that a happy smile is a good way to increase the reserve of willpower.


3. Make the Work Harder

If you want to concentrate properly, you must get rid of all the external factors that disperse your energy, right?

An influential theory of attention holds that the facts are just the opposite.

According to the psychologist “Nilli Lavie” of University College London, “Load Theory” was drawn in 1995.

She believes that the external information that our brain can process at any time is limited.

Once these processing “spaces” are filled, the brain activates the attention system to decide which things to focus on.

In addition, Lavie‘s experiment believes that it is better not to work in a clean, quiet and silent environment, but to choose a messy place.

The reason for this is that once all the brain’s perception space is occupied, the brain must concentrate all energy on the most important tasks, and interference factors will be excluded.


4. Stop Working

When you are facing difficulties, stopping for a break may be the last option.

There is a lot of evidence that this can indeed help you complete more work.

The difficulty lies in finding the time, duration, and things to do during the break.

Studies have shown that even a few seconds of rest can work, as long as the process can completely disperse energy.

In addition, in many studies, people will do mental calculations for a few seconds, so you should probably do something more intense instead of simply looking out the window.

Using rest time to exercise and meditate is a good choice!


5. Relax

Joe DeGutis” and “Mike Esterman” of the Boston Attention and Learning Laboratory said that when you need to stay focused for a long time, less is more.

In brain imaging experiments, they found that the best strategy for maintaining concentration is to focus for a period of time, then take a short break, and then refocus.

On the whole, people who always tighten their nerves will make more mistakes.

Similarly, a study conducted by “Christian Olivers” at Vrije University in Amsterdam found that when people are told to relax and think about other things instead of always concentrating, their attention resources can be extended to a greater extent.

This is perhaps the most useful result of all attention-focused research.

The deeper we understand the brain, the more we will find that “stress” is the biggest factor that makes people unable to concentrate.

So, be sure to take some time to do something that will make you feel calm and in control. If you are lucky, your work will be solved.

relax-work-rest-by the river-sunset



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