How can I get a body and muscles like an NFL football player?

How do the muscles of NFL American football players train?

If you have noticed that the muscle mass and body dimensions of NFL American football players often do not lose to ordinary bodybuilders.

And the strength, explosiveness and speed are not worse than professional fitness or track and field athletes. So how do these people with perfect body and athletic performance train?

Come take a look at my collation and sharing below!

NFL: The National American Football League, the largest American football league in the United States, is also one of the most popular and popular sports events in the United States. The annual Super Bowl event attracts the attention of all Americans.

General bodybuilding training and NFL player training “differences”


Compared with “bodybuilding”, professional bodybuilders usually show off the results of “muscle hypertrophy” after training.

Therefore, it focuses on the strength and training of “each single muscle”, the purpose is to make each muscle group look three-dimensional and to complement the weaker muscle groups of the body.

Generally, the people we see in the gym are usually training based on the training method of bodybuilding, and each major muscle group will be separated for independent training.

For bodybuilding “multi-joint” sports, such as bench press, rowing, squat, hard lift, etc., the intensity and repetition are mostly arranged with 8-12 repetitions with 3~4 sets of training.

“Single-joint” exercises such as two-head curling, straight arm pull-down, and forward kicking with equipment are used to increase the repetitions and reduce the weight. Together with “eccentric training”, the training focuses on the “muscle perception”.

NFL players:

The NFL American football players, because of the different goals of the sports, what they need on the field is “confrontation”, “explosive power”, “reactivity” and “coordination.”

Therefore, for them, good-looking muscles are not the first goal, but their training menu just happens to bring three-dimensional muscle effects.

In order to achieve the above improvement in sports performance, you will find that they often train around “heavy weight” and each group of “low reps”, but each action is “faster” than the normal training method. , Mainly to train the muscles of the whole body to participate and exert strength together.

In addition, they need strong reaction and coordination, so they will spend a large part of their time on training “core” and “functional training”.

There seems to be a lot of overlap between this training method and those who practice fitness (or players).

However, because NFL players need more different sports performances and skills on the sports field, they are not focused on how much weight they can lift or pull, so there are still many differences.


Training program for NFL players

From the information collected on the Internet, the training menu of NFL American football players is actually quite different.

Because the positions and functions of each American football player may be different on the court, the body and skills required are also different.

For example, people in confrontational positions have higher height and weight, and they are mainly responsible for blocking, protecting, and intercepting.

The quarterbacks mainly need reflexes and passing skills. In addition, running backs and receivers need running speed, confrontation, reflexes, etc., so the training menus are different.

We can see what kind of training the well-known running back and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr (OBJ) usually does through the following videos:

You will find that in addition to general weight training, OBJ will focus many items on reactivity, stability, functionality, and coordination.

Because he is a runner and catcher, too much muscle will reduce his running speed and functionality.

However, the reason why NFL players look strong and powerful is because they not only do heavy weight training, but also focus on a lot of functional training and core training, so we might as well add these items to ourselves In the training menu:

Recommended menu

If you have the habit of fitness and have some fitness concepts, then I would suggest that you add some “core” and “functional” training to your usual training.

In addition, you can increase some “explosive power” training, mainly depends on your “training purpose.”

The reason is that if we are not players, these functions or strengths are not necessarily needed in ordinary life, so of course you can continue to train the fitness and fitness menu.

On the contrary, if you add some training content that you are not familiar with or do not need, it may affect your training effectiveness and even bring about the risk of injury.

And if you are a novice (training experience can also be), and want to try a multi-faceted and balanced way to develop your muscle strength, then you can try the following training menu:

Monday: upper body (chest + back)
Tuesday: core + functional training
Wednesday: lower body (legs + core)
Thursday: closed
Friday: explosive training + functional training
Saturday: upper body (chest + back)
Sunday: core + functional training
Monday: Lower body (legs + core)

The cycle goes on… (about a way of doing four rests and one)

As for the training items, in addition to sorting them by referring to the content in the video, the main focus is to focus on “instant force and coordination”, so that the entire muscle group and even the core (and abdominal pressure control) are together. To help you carry out all-round training.


Fitness diet

Everyone pursues a different body shape, so the content of their diet will be different, but in principle, try to get enough protein as much as possible:

Body weight (kg) x 1.5~2 protein (g), for example: a 70 kg trainer, it is recommended to consume 105~140 grams of protein per day.

Other thoughts are the intake of fat, cellulose, and nutrients. It is recommended to eat some high-nutrient prototype foods as much as possible, and avoid the intake of processed foods, refined starches, and high sugars.




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