What Should You Do When an Earthquake Occurs?


Three steps to save your life in an earthquake

If you are born in a place where earthquakes often occur, such as Japan, Taiwan, etc., or located in the junction of plates or areas with frequent volcanic eruptions, such as the California coast, Hawaii, etc.;

Due to the frequent occurrence of earthquakes in these places, it is necessary to strengthen disaster prevention knowledge and take preventive measures in order to reduce disaster losses.

But how to save lives when an earthquake occurs?

Remember the three steps to earthquake prevention:
1. Drop!
2. Cover!
3. Hold on!


Why are these three steps so important?

When an earthquake occurs, if you are indoors, you must first lie down and protect your head to reduce the threatened area; then hide under a sturdy table or bed, look for cover; and grab the table foot to stabilize the shelter.

Because, when an earthquake comes, it is usually not the ceiling that collapses first, but the objects fall or shift, or even overturn, causing people to be injured or crushed.

Therefore, the first time an earthquake occurs, you should get down quickly and protect your head and neck with your hands, then hide under a stable table as a cover, and hold the legs of the table.

When the table moves with the earthquake, the people under the table can move with the table to form a protective barrier to avoid injury.

What if there is no table in the area when the earthquake occurs?

take it easy! As long as you grasp the following three principles, any place can implement the three steps of earthquake prevention.

Principle 1: Immediately get down on the ground with both hands and knees, and protect your head and neck with your arms.
Principle 2: Hide by relatively strong pillars, low furniture or wall corners.
Principle 3: Do not run outdoors during shaking, do not rush to the entrance and exit

However, earthquakes cannot be predicted. How to reduce earthquake damage?

Therefore, you should be prepared for earthquakes, and you should be familiar with evacuation methods to minimize the casualties and losses caused by the earthquake.




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