【Eloquence training】How to enhance your eloquence in 5 ways


How to train your eloquence – enhance presentation skills or working competence

It is very important to train your eloquence, whether it is for general use like networking, making speeches in the workplace or promoting business, etc. Good eloquence and oratory skills can help you to gain more opportunities for success or achieve various goals.

In this article, we will provide you with several training methods on how to enhance your eloquence. Hope this will help you!

Training methods (1): Imagery Training

“Imagery Training” is the method that enables the brain to imagine the performance or the actual event. For example, you can imagine who you met in a certain scene, what issues you will talk about. Then try to imagine what you will say to them, what tone of voice you will use, and even what expressions or gestures you should show on your face and body.

Rehearse the whole scene in the brain several times (also in front of the mirror). You even correct your own words. So that when you are in the actual conversation, you can have more prepared content, effectively reducing the Nerve-racking feeling.

Training methods (2): Practice with a plan and real action

Actively find some opportunities to speak in front of people, or directly in the meeting to speak boldly, express their views, or even go to the crowd to speak with enthusiasm.
This method is more suitable for people who are not afraid of facing the public. As long as setting a good goal like “I want to strengthen my eloquence” or “I want to be a master of speech” and not afraid of speech failure, ridicule, not discouraged, make a lot of attempts to try to refine their eloquence and speaking ability.

Training methods (3): Accumulate more knowledge and insight

There are many occasional situations where your eloquence cannot be prepared, but if you want to show good eloquence all the time, it is very important that you have accumulated enough knowledge and insight.

In addition to all kinds of professional knowledge, you should also maintain the desire to learn and understand all kinds of new knowledge as well as always catching up with all kinds of current events, and think about all kinds of things in your head, so that you are able to express your own views in the crowd at any time and anywhere, and more easily to talk about all kinds of topics.

Training methods (4): Observation and recording

Observation and recording here refer to observing and recording in daily life. You should usually pay attention to some “famous quotes” or “good lines” that strike a chord with you, or listen to live speeches more often and also record some speeches, passages, or even jokes that you might be using in the future event.

Through this method, over time you will accumulate a lot of speaking skills and experience, which will help you to have stronger eloquence on different occasions and topics.

Training methods (5): Develop a sense of humor

A sense of humor is always impressive in speeches and interactions, as well as in important meetings.

Although some people think that humor should not be shown in serious situations. However, it a matter of propriety.

Sometimes you can make a joke or pun about yourself, or about a situation or circumstance, which is not harmful (as long as it’s not a white lie….LOL), and can sometimes make a serious situation less awkward or more relaxed.

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