How to Get Started in Photography?


It’s never too late to get into a new hobby. Pursuing your artistic interests allows you to explore your creativity and see everything from a different perspective. And when it comes to seeing things differently, you’ll definitely pick up a thing or two with photography.

If you’re used to taking photos with your phone, why not step it up a notch and try picking up a camera? The great thing about today’s digital photography is that you can shoot as many photos as you want without using up any film. While photography may seem intimidating, knowing the basics of this wonderful hobby can give you the confidence you need. So without further ado, below are the tips and tricks you need to get started.

Understand the lingo

There’s lots of photography lingo to brush up on, but don’t get discouraged. Here’s a primer on three photography pillars you should know.

• The aperture is where the light passes through the lens, which HowStuffWorks states is controlled by aperture blades within the lens. Playing with aperture allows you to control the sharpness and depth of field within an image.

• ISO is a camera setting that helps you either brighten or darken your photo. Your camera’s base ISO should be good enough to capture images. High ISOs are recommended for darker settings or when fighting against motion blur to capture a sharp image.

• Shutter speed refers to how long your camera shutter is left open for, and is measured in fractions of a second. This can greatly impact the exposure your photo gets, as well as the motion blur in a photo. For instance, fast shutter speeds are typically reserved for action shots.

Understand- lingo-camera-photo-picture
Buy a camera

Speaking of lingo, a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera is your best bet if you’re starting out. Images come in from the camera’s single lens and then hit a mirror that allows you to see the image in the viewfinder. As a beginner, you needn’t have the most expensive DSLR camera off the bat. The cameras featured on Adorama showcase just how many affordable DSLRs there are from reputable brands such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony. At $600, Canon’s EOS Rebel T6 is the best budget DSLR that money can buy thanks to its powerful sensor, sharp autofocus, and wide ISO range. The Nikon D3500 (which costs roughly $500) comes at a close second with its easy-to-use auto function and top-range processor.

Study composition

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, photography is all about changing up your perspective and framing. This is where composition comes into play. According to photographer Alexander Wrigley, composition in photography is all about directing your viewer. In order to do so, you can think about playing with space, lines in a shot (think walls and fences), and the like. Wrigley states that composition is all about keeping your viewer within the frame. Distractions like a tree branch in a corner or a hand floating into the shot can make your picture seem off-balance.


Get some help

Last but not least, every beginner needs some help to get ahead. From reading up how-to articles to watching video tutorials, getting help can expose you to tricks you can try out. We at 1on1 have partnered with top photography tutors who are well-versed in helping out experienced photographers and beginners alike. Seeking help from trained professionals also puts you into a network with other photographers who you can then bond with over your craft.

As with anything, photography takes lots of practice. The great thing is that you can start shooting right now, and you’ll only get better as you go along.



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