What are the health benefits of meditation?


8 benefits of meditation

Modern people have a fast pace of life. They have big and small troubles every day. They are under pressure from family, work, friends, etc., and they are often forced to breathe out, and even the pressure is so great that they tend to be melancholic.

Andy Puddicombe, a well-known British advocate of meditation and mindfulness, and a TED speaker, once said that just 10 minutes a day can bring peace of mind and higher concentration.

In fact, the benefits and principles of emptiness are quite similar to mindfulness and meditation. Here are 8 major benefits of meditation.

1. Relieve stress and improve related diseases

Decompression is probably the reason why many people are exposed to meditation. Many studies have shown that meditation can effectively help those who are stressed, and it is also very helpful for people who are depressed.

People who meditate can not only reduce stress, but the actual measured stress hormone (Cortisol, also known as cortisone) is also significantly reduced, so it can also help sleep.

In addition, some stress-related disease symptoms may also be improved by meditation, such as: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fibromyalgia, etc.

2. Improve anxiety symptoms

There are many reasons for anxiety, but stress is the one most closely related to anxiety.

Relieve one’s own stress, and the anxiety status has a good chance to improve, and an 8-week mindfulness meditation experiment successfully reduced the subjects’ anxiety symptoms.

For example: Fear, paranoid thoughts, or Obessive compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms have all been reduced.

3. Enhance self-awareness and less lonely

Certain forms of meditation can help you understand yourself better and have a positive effect on improving self-awareness.

Many forms of meditation teach to observe one’s own thoughts and direct them in a more positive and meaningful direction.

There have been experiments on different subjects, such as women suffering from breast cancer or the elderly.

It is found that people who meditate are significantly more confident and less lonely than those who passively wait for help from others.

4. Improve dementia, rescue memory

Old age and memory deterioration are evidence of brain aging.

As mentioned earlier, increasing attention and self-awareness are actually training the brain, so the brain will be younger and more energetic.

Meditation is quite effective in preventing memory loss and improving symptoms of dementia.

In addition, meditation is also helpful for family and friends who take care of the elderly with dementia.

5. Improve self-image, more positive and confident

There are many types of meditation that can help improve self-image, build a more confident and positive attitude, and face life.

Many studies have shown that people who meditate have significantly improved their depression.

Cytokine, which can promote inflammation, is actually one of the main culprits of depression. When under stress, cytokine will be secreted to affect our mood and cause depression.

Reviewing some studies found that meditation can effectively reduce the secretion of cytokine.

6. Transcendental meditation helps lower blood pressure

According to research conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and the American Heart Association.

All found that Transcendental Meditation can help lower blood pressure.

However, the association also pointed out that the focus of research is not to believe that transcendental meditation is particularly effective, but the effects of other forms of meditation, and more research is needed to observe its effects.

7. Can enhance attention

Focused-attention meditation, like weight training for the brain, can increase the intensity and time of attention.

Other meditation methods, such as mindfulness meditation, etc., can help improve concentration. Studies have also pointed out that even if you meditate for only 4 days, it may be quite effective.

8. Help quit smoking, alcohol, and drug

Meditation improves concentration and self-awareness, and self-control is also relatively improved.

When fighting against addictive substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc., he is more able to control his impulse.

Even people who are addicted to food can effectively control emotional overeating.




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