How to Loss Weight Naturally, Easy and Fast

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What is a healthy weight loss method?

Modern people may suffer from reduced stress, excessive intake of calories, and lack of proper nutrition due to various reasons such as high stress, sedentary eating, and eating outside, resulting in high body weight or excessive body fat.

In order to lose weight, we use incorrect weight loss methods. In addition to causing weight loss failure, it may also have an adverse effect on physical health.

In this article, I will explain to you how to achieve a healthy, natural, easy and fast weight loss method and knowledge!

The correct concept before losing weight

Obesity increases the risk of many health problems, including things like diabetes, fatty liver, gallbladder disease, certain types of cancer, or affecting the normal use or damage of muscles and joints.

Therefore, everyone should look squarely at his body and avoid the above situation.

Generally speaking, people who do not recommend weight loss only look at whether their “Weight” is up to standard, but it is more correct to check their “BMI” or “Body Fat Rate“.

About BMI:What is BMI? How to Calculate BMI?

We can take a look at the following Figure.


Do you see anything? Some readers who usually do not exercise well, or who are not so familiar with body structure, would like to ask how this is possible? Is this the same person?

Yes, this is actually the same person! But the principle is actually very simple. We can all see that the body fat rate on the right side (54kg) is much lower than that on the left side (50kg), but why is it 4kg more weight?

The reason is that the “density” of “muscle” is higher than that of “fat”, so at the same weight, the volume of muscle is smaller, and it will be relatively slim visually.

So what do you know about it? We should not be blindly pursuing weight loss as our weight loss goal, but use the correct weight loss method to help you lose weight!

What is the right way to lose weight?

With the above concepts in mind, we know that losing body fat is very important, but at the same time “Increasing Muscle Mass” is also very important.

Especially the general public at present, because of lack of exercise habits, all have mild “Sarcopenia“.

And sarcopenia (a person with less muscle mass), in addition to reducing your own physical function and physical strength, metabolic capacity, inflammation, and increasing the incidence of inflammation, even affect the entire body’s nervous tissue, vascular tissue, and hormonal disorders In severe cases, it will also indirectly affect the degradation of bones and joints, or osteoporosis.

And people with normal muscle mass or more muscle mass, in addition to better metabolic capacity of the body, will also reduce the occurrence of the above physical problems, and because of high metabolic power, the body is not easy to gain weight or accumulate fat to achieve health Natural way to lose weight.


Perform weight loss methods

So after we have the basic concept before losing weight, we also know that the goal of weight loss is not to look at weight, our goal is so-called “Gain Muscle and Reduce Fat“!

In fact, it is to increase “Weight Training” and reduce the intake of “Foods with Low Nutritional Value“, such as refined starch, sugary drinks, fried food, etc. should be avoided.

It sounds very simple, but it is definitely quite difficult for people who are just beginning to lose weight, especially those who are already too obese. It is easy to hurt joints, knees, etc. during exercise, so the selection of sports is also a knowledge.

So as long as you follow a healthy diet and develop exercise habits, you can achieve How to Loss Weight Naturally, Easy and Fast!

If you are heavier or have a knee injury, it is recommended to start swimming and swimming to develop exercise habits.



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