How to be a tutor online for earning income?


How to be a tutor online?

Many people also want to earn income by teaching and sharing their professional knowledge and skills on the Internet.

But how to be an online tutor, you may not be able to figure out what you have not done as a tutor, so in this article we will simply share some experiences for you, hoping to help everyone!

Preparation before being a tutor

Whether you want to be an online or offline tutor, teacher or coach, the first step is to prepare your own “tutor’s resume”!

For how to write a tutor resume, we can refer to this article: How to write and prepare a tutor resume? Attach example

When you have a tutor’s resume, the most important thing is to prepare your textbooks. You may need to prepare at least three textbooks or tutorials.

Especially for certain talents or skills, you may need to prepare different courses for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners according to different levels.

Promote your tutoring information

If you have not been a tutor before, we recommend that you do not exclude putting your resume on multiple different tutor websites.

The reason is that the composition and number of students on each website may be different, and its reputation, scale, flow, and history are also different. Not every website is suitable for novice tutors to find students.

In addition, each website has different fees and different charging methods. It is also recommended that novice tutors can compare and expose their tutoring resumes to see if they can quickly obtain students from all directions and start their own tutoring career.

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