The Benefits & Advantages of Using 1on1 to Find Tutors


What’s 1on1?

What is 1on1? 1on1 is a global tutoring resource website, which means you can use 1on1 to find tutors, teachers, coaches and experts nearby, or online teachers all over the world. -URL: Find Tutors, Teachers, and Coaches

In addition, if you are a Freelancer or Educator(Tutor, Teacher, Coach, Experts) you can also search for some cases of interest through 1on1’s Case Search Function. – URL: Find Cases, Tutor Jobs, and SOHO Cases

On 1on1, it is free for registration, search, and booking! You can even use 1on1’s new features to find places suitable for classes for free. – URL: Find Venues Near Me

About the Benefits and advantages of using 1on1

The biggest advantages of 1on1 are its global service, easy-to-understand user interface, and relatively low processing fees (only online matchmaking requires payment, and offline payment has no processing fee).

If you are a freelancer (Freelancer, skill provider), educator (tutor, teacher, coach or various experts), you only need to register once in 1on1 and fill in your own tutor information, you will have opportunities to obtain students and clients from more than 120+ countries worldwide.

In contrast, if you are a student, a parent, or a user who needs others to help you learn and complete various goals, you can also use the 1on1 search engine to explore freelancers and educators from all over the world to help You learn or help you complete various tasks and so on.

In other words, no matter where you live, whether you need to travel on business or travel to a different country, no matter what kind of assistance and learning you need, you can go directly to 1on1 to find out if there are talents that meet your needs.

The goal of 1on1 is to become the world’s largest skill exchange platform.

We will continue to increase the user base and provide comprehensive customer service and optimization.

At the same time, it also provides people with the simplest and most effective way to allow anyone to use the idle Time makes money, thereby reducing the problem of idle and wasted human resources around the world, and helping more children or young people in poor households or remote areas get better learning resources and opportunities.


About the Co-founders of 1on1

1on1 was initiated by 2 Taiwanese co-founders “Yun-Hao Zhuang (as CEO: Chief Executive Officer)” and “William Hsu (as COO: Chief Operating Officer)” in October 2015 and co-founded in 2016.

The two founders were good friends who have never broken contact from kindergarten to growing up. During their growing up, they also worked together and did many business and careers.

Before the establishment of 1on1, the two had started a business as a partner many times, and even had valuable experience in successfully selling several companies.

Although neither of them graduated from a prestigious school, their “business logic” and “execution” were very outstanding and rare among their peers of similar age.

In addition to their experience in management positions in many companies, they had precise investment vision and objective analytical capabilities, and quickly achieved many careers in just a few years.

And 1on1 is agreed by the two as the “final entrepreneurial project”, they are expected to promote 1on1 successfully, semi-retired way to become an angel investor or set up an advisory counseling agency, to coach more entrepreneurs to start businesses.


Left: William Hsu   Right: Yun-Hao Zhuang

The origin and story of 1on1

The origin of 1on1 is because co-founder Yun-Hao Zhuang returned to Taiwan after completing the last project from the United States. In order to maintain his English level, he wanted to find foreigners to practice English in Taiwan. There are many overseas friends who live in Taiwan, some come to learn Chinese, some come to travel, and some come to work in Taiwan. On this platform, you can publish your own dating information, rental information, language exchange or tutoring Needs, etc.

At this time, Yun-Hao Zhuang thought that he could teach Chinese to foreigners. In addition to earning some money and maintaining the habit of being able to speak English at any time, during the teaching process, he can learn how to teach people and prepare teaching materials, and even know more. The diverse and diverse cultures from various countries are a great opportunity to accomplish multiple goals in one fell swoop.

After a while of Chinese tutoring, Yun-Hao Zhuang began to think and found that there is no “international O2O service” like Airbnb and Uber in the world that is specifically used to match tutoring learning and skill exchange. Service “website, therefore began to study various relevant international laws and regulations and global market conditions.

After several months of research and data collection, in April 2016, Yun-Hao Zhuang and William Hsu decided to officially open this startup project, and named the project “1on1”;

However, at that time, the two founders did not have enough background in web design, so in the same year, they outsourced to other manufacturers to produce websites, but unexpectedly they just came up with unscrupulous manufacturers, which made the development of the website unsatisfactory and delayed for a lot of time. Finally, the first version of the Beta website was tested by the majority of users around January 2017, and confirmed the clear market demand.

However, since the founding process of 1on1, co-founder William Hsu has actually suffered from cancer and has been suffering from illness for more than two years, but he has been constantly devoting his time and energy to 1on1; unfortunately, In March 2017, William Hsu‘s situation deteriorated rapidly, and he finally left us on the 16th of the month, losing to the disease.

We lost quite a lot of frustration and sadness after losing William Hsu. Without his talent, 1on1 did suffer severe losses and operational difficulties.

Perhaps it is William Hsu ’s blessing in the sky. In May 2017, Yun-Hao Zhuang quickly met a new partner: Yan-kuang Lin (current CTO: Chief Technology Officer), with the help of partners, 1on1 also Quickly returned to the right track, and at the same time also won a few very good engineers and many investors are optimistic; after the termination of the contract with the unscrupulous manufacturers, the new version of the website was redeveloped and returned in 2018. It has been developing all the way to this day.

Left: Yun-Hao Zhuang   Right: William Hsu



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