How to Improve Your Memory

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Want to know how to improve memory?

Many people have such a scene. They have read the book several times the night before, and even learned it by heart, but they forgot part of it when they had to take the exam the next day;

Or have seen a funny joke or movie clip, or meaningful sentence or lyrics, when you want to recall and describe it, but you can’t say anything…

So, let’s see the following methods and techniques!

What caused the loss of these memories?

According to research, “most” people “cannot” clearly recall some moments in life. They can only leave some simple pictures and intermittent sentences in their minds, and even “some people” will forget everything.

Even if I watched it again a few times, sometimes I would forget it soon afterwards.

This is mainly because of the way the brain works. The brain thinks that certain things are not important enough, and you have not stored the picture or content in the memory area of the brain in a way that can deepen the memory.

However, there are also “a small number” of people who have the ability to remember, what they have seen will always be remembered in their minds, and there is even a way to recall a certain point in time, the license plate number they saw, and the details they have seen. .

And not everyone has a way to achieve this ability through hard work, but we can indeed remember some content that we hope to “deepen” the impression through some ways.

Methods and techniques to enhance memory

From a study published by Chris Bird of the “University of Sussex”, it is shown that ordinary people can easily use some simple methods and techniques to deepen their desires in just a few seconds. The impression of the memory of things.

Chris Bird put on a brain scanner and showed them a series of “Youtube videos”.

Test 1:

After playing a series of videos, he asked the “parts” of the testers to recall the content and scenes they just watched in their minds within 40 seconds after watching them, and use their own methods to describe what they just watched. Videos.

Test 2:

After finishing playing the “parts” of the video, he asked the testers to recall the content and scene they just watched within 40 seconds after watching it, and use their own methods to describe the video they just watched. .

For other videos, skip to the next video after playing.

Research result:

As a result, through “Experiment 1”, it was found that some subjects with self-narration, after a week or even longer, were almost twice as likely to remember the content of the video than those who did not describe the details. The results of memory.

In addition, through “Experiment 2”, the research also found that the content that has not been described is almost completely unremembered, almost completely forgotten.

The scanner that observes the brain also shows that when the subjects describe the content of the video they watch, their brain activity is almost the same as the activity level of the “watching video”. It is also for this reason that the brain is aware of the content Enhance memory.


In conclusion

In other words, through the above research, we can apply this method to other things;

It is easy to improve the event by telling the “things you want to remember” in your own way in a short period of time after happening, reading, and seeing. Memory in the brain.

And Chris Bird also specifically mentioned that if it is unfortunate that you suddenly need to remember some vital scenes, such as crime scenes, accident scenes, etc., the recruiter should recall the entire incident as soon as possible after the incident, which can strengthen The memory of the event happening right now.

But on the contrary, if you don’t want to remember something, then after the incident, you should try to blank your mind and try not to recall what happened. For example, when a person with intensive phobia sees dense pictures, Turn your head quickly and think about other things, don’t think about the scene you just saw.



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