How to use Instagram to get free followers for your business


How to run Instagram and increase the number of followers quickly

In this era of Internet explosion, almost all entrepreneurs, companies or individual SOHOs are targeting online marketing, especially “community marketing.”

And I will give you a special introduction, how to run Instagram, and quickly accumulate followers (fans or customers) for your business.

In this article, we invite Abby, who has been engaged in marketing planning for more than ten years and focused on social marketing, to share some personal marketing experience and business skills, hoping to help everyone!

Method 1: Concise and powerful personal information

Before operating an Instagram account, please think of a simple and easy to remember account name, and confirm that the account has not been registered and used by others.

Having an account name that conforms to the brand image and is easy to remember will facilitate tagging (#Tag) and searching by tracked people in the future.

In addition, you must also clearly tell what type of service you are providing in your personal information and the place of introduction, and provide your service link.

Do not write a lot of lengthy text, which will affect the interest of people who see your page to continue watching.

The account is simple, the introduction is clear, the link is simple, and the relevant @ mark is attached.

Method 2: Posing fun, useful and creative content regularly

In addition to regular postings, we must also plan for each posting as much as possible to produce interesting, useful, and creative content as much as possible, which can increase the chances of fans to like and share.

The biggest difference between the user composition and experience methods of Instagram and Facebook is that they are mainly based on “visualized” pictures.

Therefore, there should be more thoughts on the pictures, so that people want to stop and watch your content.

Method 3: Find the label of your market

In Instagram, many users use tags to find what they want to follow, so making good use of #Tag tags is very important.

You have to think about these potential customers or fans (trackers), what #Tag tags they might use to find your content, or what #Tag tags are interested in.

You can add these tags to each of your posts to increase their chances of being searched.

Method 4: Search for customers in person, and follow or like them

Like 1on1, we are a “Global Tutor Sharing Platform”. If we want more tutors to know about our website and services, then we can search for “tutorlife, teacherlife” and other related information on Instagram, find some posts of tutors and teachers.

Then we can use our official account to like or follow teachers who we think are good, and even share content for them to their own real-life dynamics, so that they can directly realize the existence of our platform.

This technique is highly recommended for everyone to record. It is a simple and free method that allows you to directly contact potential customers (you can also leave comments for their posts or send private message to them).

When your ranking is in the first half of “Top” and your images are attractive enough, it is easy to bring traffic.



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