How to Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

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3 Simple Ways to Remove Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Modern people, especially young people, often hang out with friends and like to stay up late to watch Netflex, or stay up late to work overtime.

Getting up the next day is always prone to edema, and even dark circles and panda eyes appear.

In addition to dark circles caused by allergies or other diseases, dark circles are very annoying.

Dark circles under the eyes can make a person look poor and tired, as well as a yellowish and dull skin on the face.

Therefore, in this article, we will share three simple methods for you to work together to solve the problem of dark circles!

Method 1: Use cucumber slices

You can go to the supermarket to buy cucumbers and slice them, and then put the cut cucumber slices in the refrigerator.

After about 2~3 hours, you can take them out and put them on your dark circles (under eye bags);

This method can help you relieve swollen lower eye bags, and through the various antioxidant ingredients in cucumber, such as carotene, vitexin, orientin and isogenistein, as well as the vitamin C and vitamin K contained in cucumber to help remove dark circles under eyes.

And applying ice-cold cucumber slices on dark circles is also very comfortable and relieve stress. You can even use your face to apply to your forehead, cheeks, lips, etc. in addition to around the eyes.


Method 2: Massage around the eyes

After washing your face each time, you can apply eye cream around your eyes and start massaging around your eyes. The time for each massage is about 5-10 minutes;

Massage about once or twice a day, once when you wake up, and once before going to bed. After a period of time, you can achieve a good effect of removing dark circles.

Massage can help the muscle tissue around the eyes to relax, it can also promote blood circulation in the area, reduce the precipitation of melanin, and also reduce the occurrence of facial edema.

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Method 3: Get enough sleep

Except for allergies or diseases, most people have dark circles under the eyes, due to poor sleep quality or lack of sleep;

Therefore, the best way to cure dark circles is to improve your lifestyle, go to bed as early as possible, and sleep at least 8 hours a day.

In addition, diet is also very important. Eating more fruits and vegetables, supplementing various vitamins and nutrients, can also help healthy skin.


Other suggestion:

  • Supplementing foods containing iron and vitamin C, such as spinach and tomatoes, can reduce the occurrence of dark circles.
  • Reducing the frequency of wearing contact lenses can reduce the chance of eye fatigue.
  • Maintain exercise habits to allow blood circulation throughout the body to smoothly metabolize excess body water or waste through sweating.
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