How to stop coughing? 3 best ways to share with you

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3 most effective ways to stop coughing for you!

Do you keep coughing? I am Taiwanese and I have two children, because neither of me nor children like taking medicine, I always look for some natural ways to help myself stop coughing.

When my child coughed because of a cold or illness, I checked many articles, including articles written in Chinese, and tried many different methods.

In the end, I think the following three methods are the most effective way to stop coughing, especially for allergies, dry and itchy throat, inflammation, etc. Let’s see!

1. Avoid inappropriate food

Generally speaking, whether it is a child or an adult, if the cough does not stop, it is often because the throat is itchy or inflamed.

Therefore, during the period of coughing, you must definitely reduce irritating foods, especially foods that are prone to inflammatory reactions, or foods that lack nutritional value and moisture

Foods that are too salty, too sweet, spicy, fishy, shrimp, crab, etc., can easily have an adverse effect on the inflamed throat, which may induce sputum or increase the degree of inflammation.


2. Drink warm water and adjust indoor humidity

When coughing constantly, be sure to keep the throat and mouth moist, and drink plenty of warm water to reduce the itching of the throat. (No need for hot water)

In addition, everyone must also pay attention to the humidity of the environment they are dealing with.

If your throat is dry and itchy, you may not need a dehumidifier or air conditioner, but a “humidifier”, the humidity should be controlled at about 50-60%, to avoid the inhaled air being too dry, which will increase the dryness of the throat .

Some people will buy a steam spray machine, which is similar to the pediatrics that opened the mouth when you were a child, steaming your nose and throat, and some nasal aspirators also have this additional function.

When you have a stuffy nose or cough, use the spray function to soothe the dry and itchy throat.

But if you do n’t have one at home, you can also use a bottle with a smaller diameter, wrap the towel on the outside, and put hot water in the bottle, which also has a steam effect!


3. Homemade natural stop coughing water

The following is a cough method that the editor has tried and it is really effective. I have seen a mother share the production method of homemade “Garlic Onion Water” on a Chinese forum “”.

I followed the steps above to drink it for myself (a little fever and cold at the time). After drinking, I felt that it was not a psychological effect, but really reduced the cough frequency

Later, I also tried to cook it for my younger brother who had an allergic cough, and found that it seems to have improved significantly. I also rarely heard serious cough and snot in the morning.

Production Method:

1. Prepare 2 onions and 8 garlic heads, and a big pot and a small pot.


2. Soak the onions.


3. Pat the garlic.


4. Cut the onions according to its lines.


5. Just put garlic and onion in the small pot. (no water is needed in the small pot)


6. Put three cups of water in the large pot (the outer pot), and put the small pot inside.


7. Turn on low heat and start steaming for about 30 minutes, until the water in the cauldron evaporates completely.


8. Then we can drink the water extracted from the inner pot!


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Although I also tried other ways to stop coughing, such as massaging acupuncture points or drinking pear juice to drink, the effect was actually quite limited, or even completely ineffective.

In addition, I don’t like to see a doctor or take medicine, so if I have a cold or cough, I will use the above three methods to relieve my cough. I hope to help everyone!

Generally speaking, there are many reasons for coughing, including cold, pneumonia, mycoplasma infection, bronchitis, etc., even dust mites in the quilt, moisture in the middle of the night sweating and so on.

Sometimes we have to find out the reason first, and then use the following cough suppression methods to achieve the cure and cure the problem!

Nose and mouth steaming machine



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