How to protect your lungs through three simple tricks


How to protect your lungs through three simple tricks?

The lungs are a very important respiratory organ in the human body. Normal breathing is needed for human survival and development every day.

In Taiwan, more and more people die of lung cancer every year. However, many of those who get lung cancer do not smoke, but almost always because of breathing in the harmful suspended particles in the air that affect the health of the lungs.

Therefore, it is very important to take good care of your lungs. The following are three simple tips to protect your lungs by paying more attention and maintenance.

The first trick: drink more dandelion tea

Dandelion has a bactericidal and disinfecting effect, and has high nutritional value, clears heat, and detoxifies the body of toxins and waste. For frequent smokers with bad lungs and poor blood circulation, drinking dandelion tea regularly can remove toxins from the body, speed up the metabolism of body fat and purify the blood.

The second trick: eat more lung-friendly foods

Eat Radish: Radish is clear and detoxifying, low in calories, and can moisten and clear the lungs.

Eating Silver Fungus: Silver fungus is a good ingredient for women’s beauty. It is also rich in amino acids and polysaccharides, which can strengthen immunity and have a good effect on respiratory organs and lung infections.

Eat Lily: Lily is not only good for watching, but also calming and relaxing, relieving coughs and phlegm, and providing some relief for lung diseases.

The third trick: do more breathing health exercises

The first thing you can do is cross your chest, which will speed up your breathing and allow the organs of the lungs to adjust.

Next, stretch the chest (thoracic spine) and start exhaling and inhaling at the same time, thus stretching the muscle tissue of the lungs (diaphragm) and protecting the health of the lungs.

Finally, you can do chest compressions. This allows inhalation and exhalation to develop a frequency, which is good for health! Especially for lung health, it can make the lungs breathe well and expel toxins and smoke in a timely manner, so that the lungs can also be more comfortable.


In addition to the above three tips to maintain your lungs, you should also pay attention to your normal living habits (the most important), such as: quitting smoking, reducing your exposure to second-hand smoke, or reducing the inhalation of harmful substances from burning meat, etc.

Especially in the winter when the northeast monsoon is blowing in Taiwan, air pollution from the coast of China can easily blow into Taiwan.


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