【Marketing Knowledge】How to Post Free Ads on Craigslist?

How to Post Free Ads on Craigslist?

Craigslist is a famous classified advertising website in the United States. It receives millions of traffic every month; you can post various needs on it, and you can also look for various services or products on it, such as rental information, job hunting information, buying and selling things, and so on.

However, Craigslist is mainly used by people in the United States and Canada. In fact, Craigslist also has a new domain and section for different countries and cities, so no matter where you are if you have a need for advertising, you can go to Craigslist to see if there is information you need.

Craigslist ads

At present, if you want to advertise on Craigslist except for the most trafficked pages such as the “United States” and “Canada’s first-tier cities”, basically all other areas are free of charge.

However, sometimes it is not so easy to post on Craigslist , especially if you want to advertise on it. It is easy to accidentally run into the community rules or the system of automatic deletion of ads on Craigslist .

And now we are going to share some reasons and conditions why free ads are easily deleted (Ban, Get Flagged), and their “solutions”.

1. Repeated or similar postings require slight changes to the title and content of the copy, and information that is too similar can easily be detected as spam.

Solution: Slightly modify the content for each posting, especially the “title of the ad”.

2. The same IP location to send too many ads.

Solution: Use VPN to change the IP.

3. If you create a “new account” and post right after you create the account, it will be easily detected as a spam account for advertising.

Solution: You can create multiple Craigslist accounts first, and then start posting the next day.

4. The advertisement contains content or photos with direct contact information, including: Email, website, phone, QR code, Line or Wechat ID, etc.

Solution: Avoid putting the contact information directly, but if necessary, hide it in the content as much as possible.

5. Pages with a lot of “China” ads are easily banned, usually because they have a group of people who will report on other competitors.

Solution: Try to minimize the number of ads similar to others and click on your own ads from time to time to increase the hidden view rate of your ads and reduce the chance of being treated as spam.

6. Post too many ads in one account.

Solution: Create multiple accounts for posting and put the information in a notepad to record the date of posting so that the ads can be updated later.

SOP for creating a large number of Craigslist ads

Step 1:

Create a multiple of Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex account. If you need to verify the number, you use online phone number to receive text messages (In our experience we usually use my own cell phone, so far did not encounter the number of registration limit problem, and receive text messages is free.)


Step 2: (It is recommended to use incognito window from here on)
Sign up for multiple new Craigslist accounts and wait until the next day to start posting.


Step 3: 

Creat your content and publish to the your desired section. It is recommended that an account first publish up to 3~5 ads.


Step 4:
After about two hours, go back and check if the Craigslist ad is online. If the ad does not appear immediately, you need to wait 30 minutes or even more than an hour before it appears, or sometimes the ad is banned from the system before it appears (This happens quite often).


Step 5:
If the ad is easily to be baned by the system. We recommend adjusting the title, content and picture of the ad again before releasing the ad to try.


Step 6:
If most of the ads can be successfully posted, then you can close the incognito window and reopen the new incognito window (if there is a VPN, we suggest you can change the IP), and then use the new account to post.

Step 7.
Record the date you posted your ad in a notepad (or cloud file) so that you can go back and update your ad sorting later.

Step 8.
If you have time to go back and see if your ads are still online, sometimes they will be reported by other compeititors and got banned.

A Craigslist ad can be posted on the section for 45 days. After 45 days it will be deleted.

In addition, we recommend updating your ads can be every 48 hours, which allow ads to be ranked forward.

Hope it’s helpful to you guys!

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