How to learn languages fast?


How to learn fast for a new language?

Those who want to learn a second or third foreign language, what should they do to maximize their learning effectiveness?

Whether you are a self-study person or a person who is taking lessons, you should know the secret!

How to choose a learning method that suits you? I will tell you all in this article!

3 great ways to improve

No matter if you are learning Spanish, French, English, Chinese or other languages, it always takes a lot of time to learn.

If you are asked to spend 2 hours a day sitting at the talking table and reading, the results may not be very good, and you may start to sleep without reading for long.

Or read a bunch of content carefully, and finally forget it after reading it.

Therefore, you must use the right way to learn languages to get twice the result with half the effort!

1. Use fragmented time to take notes

Many people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. For example, I post limited-time updates on Instagram or Facebook every day.

Since I started to learn Spanish, although I only have a few simple sentences, I will try to type them into my limited-time updates and integrate the language into my life.

In this way, many practice opportunities can be increased virtually, and some new lists can be memorized to familiarize themselves with pinyin and pronunciation.

And because you are learning a new language, donā€™t be afraid of writing it wrong or using it wrong, because you have a chance to meet others to point out the mistakes for you and deepen your learning image.

To learn a new language, you should practice more in order to learn more.

If you often need to take a plane, bus, subway, etc., you can review your notes and key points at this time. If you make good use of these pieces of time, you will have a very good learning efficiency!

2. Find the most interesting way and try to contact it every day

Don’t read for the sake of reading. If you can learn in the way you like, it will last and see the results.

It is best to use the methods you are interested in, such as watching movies and photo albums, making learning a kind of entertainment and leisure to relax the pressure, which are all quite good ways.

In these dramas, there are often many daily conversations. When I hear the sentence I like or the sentence pattern I have learned, I will pause and repeat it, or even copy it down.

In this way, you can learn one more new sentence pattern! You will know some new words invisibly!

In addition, listening to songs and singing are also a way. I put a lot of Spanish songs on my phone, at least with lyrics attached, so I can listen to them while commuting to strengthen my listening and language sense.

With daily contact with language, the sense of language will naturally become better, and you will become more familiar with how to use it!

3. Set learning goals

No matter what you are doing, you must help yourself to set goals so that your motivation and motivation will be stronger!

Otherwise, it is easy to give up in the middle of the journey, especially for those with weak perseverance, and help themselves to set clear learning goals.

Some people study and want to obtain a license for exams, some people are to enhance their professional strength, or job needs, etc., regardless of the reason, self-improvement is very good and it is worth encouraging.

Like myself, because I already know Chinese and English, if I learn Spanish again, then almost 80% of the people in the world can communicate with them.

Once you have a goal and a clear purpose, you will know more about arranging a reading plan. Of course, you must also implement it carefully, so that you can grasp the results of learning. Once you feel the progress, you will be happier and more fulfilled to continue working hard .


It does take a while to learn the second or third foreign language and reach the level of smooth communication, but a simple communication session does not take long. As long as you use the methods I mentioned above, practice and contact as often as possible, you can see it quickly learning result.

If you happen to have a friend who speaks the language, you can try to ask him if he is willing to teach you or practice dialogue with you, or you can directly find a tutor or teacher.

If you want to find a tutor near you or online, you could check our website here: 1on1 Global Tutor Platform

And if you are really interested and persevering in learning, then the accumulated strength will be amazing over time!

What I like is not only the language itself, but also the joyful learning process. Let’s cheer!



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