How to Market and Operate a Coffee Shop(Cafe)

Some key points of how to open a cafe’s marketing and operation

Last time, we shared two outstanding entrepreneurs, how they promoted their business, and continued to make profits and exhibit stores.

But the content mentioned last time is only a brief general direction. This time we will specifically analyze and focus on the “marketing strategy” and “operational focus” at the beginning of the period for “opening a coffee shop and opening a coffee shop“.

The initial marketing strategy of opening a coffee shop

In the initial planning of opening a coffee shop, in addition to the most important “geographic location” and “spatial pattern”, there is another item that is to formulate an effective “marketing strategy” for the “region” or “customer group.”

In the early promotion of the cafe, because there is no stable income and the funds are not necessarily ample, in order to retain more capital and reserve funds, the marketing budget will become very important, any resources and costs It should be spent in the right place.

Based on the experience we have compiled and obtained, it is more suitable for the early non-chain cafes, and the most effective and high CP marketing methods are as follows:

1. Distribute flyers

If your own customer base is local office workers, students, nearby residents, etc., and there are not many competitors nearby.

Then designing and printing attractive flyers and distributing them through work students or their own employees will be a great promotion method at the beginning.

Recommended: ★★☆☆
Marketing cost: ★★☆☆☆ (General)

However, the distribution of flyers also has shortcomings. In addition to the need for manpower and time to distribute, if there are many competitors nearby, and the cafe itself does not have attractive products, excellent prices or decoration features, the effect will not be too significant. .

Distribute flyers-marketing-budget-cafe-restaurant-workers

2. Find bloggers

If your own target customer group is from all directions and you want to provide a distinctive and quality coffee shop, then directly find bloggers to eat, drink, take photos, write articles, and post on the blog. Would be a good way.

The advantages of finding bloggers are actually very many. It is recommended that you can find a few bloggers with a daily traffic of about 3,000~5,000 when the initial budget is limited.

Ask them to help write articles about your store’s “keywords”, such as: New York City Cafe, New York Cafe Recommendation, etc., to focus on the opportunities of being searched and recommended.

The biggest advantage of finding bloggers is that as long as the blogger continues to operate the blog, the website and articles will always exist, so it will be a permanent exposure or search result.

And that’s why at the beginning of the period, I wanted to find more bloggers, not bloggers with higher traffic, in order to have a better chance to accumulate popularity and account for more search results.

In addition, bloggers with daily traffic of about 3,000 to 5,000 usually write an article at a price between 30 and 80 US dollars. The additional cost may include meals, carriage, etc., but they are basically negotiable.

Recommended: ★★☆
Marketing cost: ★★★★☆

The short-term results will not be too obvious (it takes time for the article to be crawled by Google and add to the search results), plus the price fluctuations of bloggers, it takes time to communicate with bloggers.

And some unscrupulous bloggers will provide fake data to quote, so it takes time to screen suitable bloggers.

3. Run a fan page(FB) or own website

If you want to run your own brand for a long time, or even want to expand your store and expand your business in the future, it is very important to run a fan page or website.

But if you only compare from “FB Fan Page” and “Personalized Customized Website”, I still recommend to build your own website, because the cost of setting up a website is very low and easy, plus the expansion of the website Sexuality is high.

You can write some articles on your website to do SEO optimization, sell peripheral products, promote brands, announcements, joint activities, etc., which will be more selective than operating FB or Instagram, and the marketing strategy can be more diverse.

Therefore, it is recommended that the shop owners should focus on “websites of their own”, and the FB fan page and other social media should be used as supplements.

Recommended: ★★☆
Marketing cost: ★★★☆ ☆

In addition to low short-term effects, it takes a little time and cost to design and set up a website.

But if you really want to promote the brand, this is really a “necessary tool.”

In addition, running fan pages or social media, own products, service quality, and even the words and deeds of the boss are very important. If you are not careful, you will easily receive negative reviews on the Internet.

Therefore, for the more perfectionist or cautious boss, one of the benefits of the Internet is that you can delete the negative reviews on your website.

4. Advertising, media

If you want to see performance in the short term, then advertising via new media (Youtube), online media (website or news media), or even Google and Facebook is a pretty good way to promote it.

In particular, Google’s keyword advertising and Facebook’s advertising, if used properly, can indeed find customers at low cost.

But usually you need to entrust a professional ad serving expert (of course, you can also climb the text and learn by yourself), so the cost of time may also be increased.

However, the charging prices of new media or online media are usually more complicated and difficult to compare. This may require store owners to do more evaluation and thinking.

Recommended: ★★★☆ ☆
Marketing cost: (Very expensive)

Usually shopkeepers with limited budgets are not suitable, unless they have known celebrities or media friends who can expose themselves in a cheap or even free way.

In addition, if your own store is not taking a unique route, it is not very suitable, it is easy to leave a negative comment on the Internet…

5. Buy 1on1 ads

If your cafe (venue) is suitable for people to meet, discuss, chat or teach, 1on1’s recently launched business partner program will be very suitable for you;

1on1 is a global tutoring platform. We have tens of thousands of student and teacher members. Every day, learners will look for tutors, coaches or teachers on the platform.

In addition, there will be various tutors, coaches and experts looking for tutoring jobs and cases on the platform.

And they often need space for learning, teaching and communication, so they are very suitable for all kinds of venue owners to apply for their own space advertisements to 1on1, such as: cafes, shared spaces, venues and so on.

For venue owners (cafe shop owners), in addition to the opportunity to increase passenger traffic, it can also help the growth of SEO, and the price is also very cheap (the lowest plan is only 49.9 US dollars / year), so for cafe owners , Is also a very good promotion channel.

Recommended index: ★★★★☆
Marketing cost: ☆☆☆☆ (cheap)

Click on the picture or the hyperlink to go to view 1on1’s Business Partner Plan

Management focus of cafes and coffee shops

After talking about marketing, the most important thing is the operation of the cafe.

If you want to operate a cafe and coffee shop in a healthy and long-term manner, please remember to take notes on the most important points:

1. Stable supply and product quality

A well-managed enterprise must maintain sufficient supply and product quality to ensure that customers can continue to obtain excellent products.

Therefore, as the cafe grows, it must also look for products, qualities and quotations from different manufacturers to ensure a stable channel.

2. Staff training and control

If you want to expand your brand, excellent employees and employee training systems will be very important.

Especially the brand concept, value and service must be passed on to the next partners to ensure the stability of excellent human resources.

3. Control costs

If you need an exhibition store, or when revenue is slowly rising, you can try to negotiate a price reduction with the original material manufacturer.

In addition, you can also find out which costs are unnecessary or can be reduced during the operation (financial statements), and then adjust to increase revenue.

4. Reinvestment

If the income gradually stabilizes, funds can be invested in machine renewal, decoration, repairs, new product development, new store expansion, marketing, etc., so that everything slowly forms a “positive cycle” to slowly increase the “brand value.”

open-cafe-coffee shop-business-marketing-focus-promotion



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