Why is it easier for rich people to make more money?


Why can rich people get richer and richer? The poor are the opposite?

Many people will have this doubt, why the rich can always get richer?

How do they quickly accumulate wealth, and do we have any ways to learn or imitate, and successfully become a rich person?

This article will sort out a few reasons and methods why rich people are getting richer and richer.

Basic idea

In the book “Getting Rich by Habits: To Be Rich, You Don’t Need Rich Dad, You Only Need Rich Habits” and other similar books, magazines, articles and interviews, there are many self-made entrepreneurs and rich people sharing a common The concept is “use the power of resources and leverage to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Rich people, like ordinary people, only have 24 hours a day, and their physical strength is not many times that of ordinary people.

But wealthy people can often help them achieve their goals by making good use of the “resources of the surrounding environment” and having “efficient execution“.

These resources and levers include things like existing funds, knowledge learning, skills accumulation, use of time, clarity of thinking and logic, and interpersonal relationships.

Generally speaking, people who are unable to succeed often do not know how to use their own advantages and resources to plan for leverage, so that most of their lives are busy.


1. Make good use of money leverage

In the process of accumulating wealth, the rich will always count the funds in their hands, reduce the storage of idle funds as much as possible, and have the courage to invest funds in different fields.

Such as investing in stocks, funds, bonds, gold, start-up companies, etc., have the courage to take risks and learn various investment tools.

Even when they find opportunities and see the right time, they will use leverage to make investment plans through loans and financing.

But most people are different. There will always be a lot of worries and worries, which ultimately affects efficiency and even misses the opportunity. In the end, they do nothing and learn nothing.

In addition, there are often people who use their existing funds for pleasure and buy things they like, while ignoring the importance of investing in themselves and leverage.

2. Interpersonal relationship management

The rich people have money because they are trying to build a good relationship with people in various fields.

In addition to helping you get more opportunities, good interpersonal relationships can also get first-hand information or news in other parts. At the same time, it can also learn from and interact with more capable people, so that you have more resources to operate. , It is easier to achieve your goals.

3. Time planning

The rich will cherish their time very much, they will not be busy, they will plan their daily schedule, know what time they should do, or know where they want to spend their time.

They often use their time to enrich their knowledge, do some purposeful work and communication, and find more high-quality investment and trading opportunities.

4. Think about the logic of things

These rich people, they often make decisions without procrastination, but they are not careless.

They tend to have clear thinking logic about things, and they don’t know what to do. They have clear logical concepts for the goals they want to achieve or the purpose of solving things.

And they are not limited to listening to the voices of others, and they are quite able to accept new things and challenges.

5. Wide range of investment opportunities

And the richer people can get richer because their assets have accumulated to a certain level and can invest in some investment opportunities that ordinary people can’t access.

Industries that are difficult for ordinary people to enter, such as land development, gaming businesses, and setting up factories.

At the same time, leverage can also be used through private equity funds or financial planning to quickly push wealth to another stage.

For example, a migrant worker may work hard for two years to save 1 million, but for a person with 50 million assets in the stock market, he may only need to buy a small increase in stocks (2%), which may exceed Two-year savings for migrant workers.



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