How To Start Coding?

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How to Start Learning Programming Languages and Coding?

In an era when programming was popular, I often met friends who asked me: “If someone who doesn’t have any technical background, can you learn to code?”

My answer is usually: “Of course, but it is not necessarily whether you will succeed in learning.”

How can people learn? I summarize a few observations as follows:

1. Three elements: motivation, passion, sense of accomplishment

Regardless of learning anything, motivation is the most important.

Learning to write programs is inherently not an easy task. Only when there is motivation can there be enthusiasm, and it is easier to survive setbacks.

I decided to start learning programming 2 years ago because I wanted to build a (self-thinking) interesting product. I encountered countless setbacks and challenges in the process.

Fortunately, with clear motives and goals, the enthusiasm for learning will not be extinguished in an instant.

A sense of accomplishment is another key factor. Imagine you are learning a language and you have to memorize 100 words every day. The process is boring.

But if you are abroad or have foreign friends, you can immediately apply what you learn every day, the sense of accomplishment is definitely much higher than the boring memorization of words.

The same is true for learning to write programs. If you can quickly see your website on the Internet or the app you wrote on your mobile phone in the early stage, your sense of accomplishment will naturally be transformed into your motivation to move on.

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2. Systematic entry

How do I get started with programming? Which method is better to study by yourself, find a tutor, go to class or online coding lessons? We will analyze with you later.

What I want to mention is the “systematic” entry, which is especially important for people who have no technical background at all.

Before entering the field of programming languages, I also found many related teaching courses on the Internet.

Although there are a lot of free resources, in the end, because they were too scattered, I couldn’t learn anything after watching it for a long time, which made me feel more frustrated.

The world of programming languages is very big. It is very difficult for you to find your direction by blindly learning, so it is very important to find your own “target” for learning programming, and then start looking for resources and courses for the target.

For example: I want to learn to write programs to develop my own “friends website”, or learn to write programs to develop a “stock automatic trading system”, etc., and then learn the technology needed for the project.

3. Find fellows

In the process of learning, it is very good to have peers, and the influence of peers is beyond imagination!

Some people in group courses can discuss and support each other with their classmates, which is a great help in learning.

Self-taught people can also participate in program-related communities, forums, discussion boards, or meet fellow people like hackathon.

Even if there is enthusiasm on the way of learning, if you are always alone, it will greatly increase the difficulty of learning, so start to find fellow students to learn together!

4. Practice makes perfect

Erik Trautman’s article “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard” in the Viking Code School blog analyzes how difficult the learning program is, and it takes a long period of “The Desert of Despair” in the middle.

In the process, it is not just enthusiasm and motivation that can make it through. It requires constant practice and constant search for answers to make continuous progress.

This period of time is a relatively painful period of time in the process, so the previous point mentioned that it is more important to support each other with friends.

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What kind of people can’t learn?

  • People with weak willpower

Many people may think this is nonsense, but there are many such people.

Many people are obviously talented, but when they encounter setbacks, they shrink back.

No matter what you learn, you can’t learn anything with such an attitude.


  • No talent

It sounds a bit cruel, but it’s the truth. It’s similar to motor cells. Some people are born with good motor cells and learn to exercise quickly. There are also people who are born with bad motor cells. You have to run for more than 20 seconds at 100 meters.

Everyone has different talents and abilities that he is good at and what he is not good at. Although redoubled efforts can indeed make up for some of the shortcomings, it will be very difficult to persist for a long time.

Writing programs requires a certain degree of logic and mathematics. Some people are good at logic and learn fast, and some people have poor logic, and it is difficult to learn successfully.

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Don’t ask why others want to learn programming? Ask yourself why?

Only if you know why you need to learn to write programs and what your own goals are, can you have enthusiasm and direction to solve the problems encountered along the way, and persevere when you encounter difficulties and setbacks.

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