How to Start Learning German?

How to Start Learning German?

If you want to start learning German, but don’t know how to start, even a beginner with no basics.

In this article, I will analyze and share some methods and skills for learning German, and provide some resources for your reference.

Hope it will be helpful to you who want to learn German!

The basic concepts of learning German

Basically, learning any language is the same. You must have as much contact with the language as possible, listen more, speak more, and use more to make progress faster.

German is also regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world, so it is more necessary to use the right methods to learn German to get twice the result with half the effort.

Below I will provide suggestions on the steps to learn German, welcome to refer to.

Step 1: Take a basic German course first

In the case of no foundation at all, I sincerely recommend that you find a basic course.

Whether you choose to go through Online German Courses, a small-group tuition, or find a Private German Tutor, these are all good ways.

The reason is that we are not at the stage of infant language learning, and cannot understand the language and the world in a simple way;

Therefore, we should first find a tutor or teacher to teach us to directly understand the basic grammar, sentence structure and basic pronunciation in German.

It is recommended that you can use:

  • Use 1on1 Global Tutor Sharing Platform to search for the German Teacher you want.
  • You can find a good German tuition class nearby (smaller classes are better, you can have more opportunities to ask questions)
  • Buy or find a free basic German course online (usually a course recorded by the teacher, which is relatively non-interactive, but suitable for people with strong understanding and high spontaneity)


Step 2: Immerse yourself in the German learning environment

When you gradually understand the German grammar, basic pronunciation, vocabulary, etc., you can start to change some of your living environment, immerse yourself in the German environment, and strengthen your sense of German.

There are many ways, you can try:

  • Change the language of mobile phones and computers to German.
  • Use APP, social networking site or join the community to find friends who can exchange or communicate in German.
  • Watch more movies and albums in German.
  • Listen to German music, radio stations, podcasts and more.
  • Read more books, magazines, and novels in German.
  • Those with a budget can even travel directly to the German-speaking area, study tours, etc.

Step 3: Try to use German in professional fields

After you have a certain foundation in German and try to communicate with different people, you can try to use your German learning results in your own professional field, such as business correspondence, face-to-face communication, translation, etc. .

When your German proficiency can be used not only in general areas of life, your German proficiency will reach another level. At this time, you basically only need to start focusing on “pronunciation” or correcting some potential “grammar” problems (more It is not important), and maintain the habit of continuous exposure to German, you can almost reach the level of native speakers.

Itā€™s the same with any language. You have to use it often. Even if you learn a lot of grammar and memorize a lot of words, once you stop using it for a period of time, your brain will slowly forget these efforts you made! So remember that language is to learn to use and communicate to maintain a certain level.



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