How to Draw an Unicorn (Easy & Cute)

How-to-Draw-an Unicorn-fifth-step-final-done-easy-simple

How to Draw an Unicorn

Many people like unicorns, whether they are adults or children. But if children want you to teach them, or help them draw an unicorn, can you draw it?

In this article, we will teach you how to draw a cute cartoon unicorn easily and quickly, and lead you step by step to draw it.

#1 step

First draw a C, then draw a long 7 and then draw a 1.

How-to-Draw-an Unicorn-first-step-cute-easy

#2 step

Draw the hand of the unicorn, two n, and then draw its horn, big eyes, ears.

How-to-Draw-a Unicorn-second-step

#3 step

Draw a unicorn marshmallow-like mane and small wings, and then draw a little love<3


#4 step

After drawing these lines, then start to paint, you can paint your favorite color.

how-to-draw-a unicorn-fourth-step-paint

#5 step

After the final coloring is complete, the effect comes out, and a cute unicorn is drawn! Very easy, right!

How-to-Draw-an Unicorn-fifth-step-final-done-easy-simple

The above is the instruction we give you How to Draw an Unicorn, hope you will like it:)



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