How to make beautiful and delicious french toast?


How to make beautiful and delicious french toast?

The “French toast” that is fried to golden brown tastes particularly soft and soft. It is very suitable for eating alone, with fruit or salty food.

French toast can be used as a dinner or snack, no wonder it has become a very popular brunch recently.

Using only three simple basic ingredients such as toast, eggs and milk, it can make a mouth-watering French toast.

French toast has an unshakable position in the hearts of many people. What is the key to making it so simple but unique in flavor?

Below we will share with you how to make beautiful and delicious French toast!

The key to delicious French toast

1. Choose harder toast or bread

The overnight toast that has dried on the surface is hard to eat, and it is not easy to eat, but it is very suitable for making French toast, which can make the fried toast taste more crispy on the outside and tender on the inside!

In the same way, you can also use French baguettes, which have a harder taste.

2. The golden ratio of egg liquid

The golden ratio of egg to milk is: 1 egg into 50c.c. milk.

You can directly add sugar to the egg mixture and stir until it dissolves, or you can drizzle honey, maple syrup or powdered sugar after frying the toast.

3. Soak milk and egg liquid evenly

Both sides of toast or bread must be soaked evenly with milk-added egg liquid. After the whole piece of bread absorbs the egg liquid to fullness, it will be able to fry French toast with golden outside and soft inside without unevenness of hardness. .

You can also soak the bread in egg juice the night before and put it in the refrigerator. When you make breakfast the next morning, you can use the bread full of egg liquid!

In addition to adding aroma and improving taste, egg liquid can also block grease and prevent the toast from absorbing too much oil during the frying process.

4. Squeeze out the excess egg juice

After the toast or bread is soaked to fullness, the excess egg juice must be squeezed out before entering the pan, otherwise the bread that has absorbed too much moisture will be too mushy to eat and lose its crispy outside and tender inside.

5. Pan fried with cream + olive oil

Full use of cream for frying will easily burn the surface of French toast. If you want to perfectly fry golden French toast, it is recommended to add half of the cream and olive oil. The fried toast will not be easy to burn.

Adding half of the olive oil can reduce the calories without reducing the creamy aroma!

French toast fried only with milk is slightly charred.
Half the cream and half the olive oil will give a perfect golden brown.



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