The 4 effective home shoulder workouts

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The 4 effective home shoulder workouts

Because of the pandemic, some people are unable to go to the gym because of other factors (such as the economy, weather, distance, etc.).

At this time, many people are worried about how to work out at home, especially in the absence of equipment or dumbbells, in the end how to “back training at home” and effective training of their back muscles, and I will share the following four superb and most effective back training methods at home teaching.

First: back training with towels

If you don’t have a dumbbell, elastic rope, or TRX rope at home, in fact, use a towel (or two) as a grip for hand pulling is also a very good way to practice back at home!

Training step by step instruction.
1. Clip the towel above the door seam
2. Pull your hands on the corners of the towel
3. Position your feet about the bottom of the doorway (the closer your feet are to the doorway, the heavier they are, and the lighter they are)
4. Feel the feeling of the back tension, slowly pull, slowly put (feeling degree is most important!)



Please make sure the towel and the door are stable before you start training, or put some quilts or pillows on the back to avoid falling back! (Photo from Youtube channel: shuaisoserious)


練背-在家運動-練背-毛巾-訓練-健身-姿勢-動作When contracting, you can pause at the peak for 1~2 seconds to feel the muscle contraction of the back (photo from Youtube channel: shuaisoserious)


Second: backhand axis pushing the floor to practice back

This movement does not require any apparatus, it is proposed by Jeff, the fitness expert of ATHLEAN-X, as long as you use your own rear axle to push backward, you can achieve the upper back training effect (the movement is similar to the standing pull-up)

Training step by step instruction.
1. Find a space where you can lie down
2. If the floor is too hard, you can use a yoga mat or a soft mat for children to play games underneath
3. Lie down and open the position of the hand axis and shoulders to about 45 degrees
4. Tuck your shoulder blades back and feel the sensation of pulling something upward to support your body



(Image screenshot from Youtube channel: Fitting Room TW; Source: ATHLEAN-X)


(Image screenshot from Youtube channel: Fitting Room TW; Source: ATHLEAN-X)

Third: back training with chairs and sticks

At home, if there is no apparatus (installed in the door frame of the bar), then want to practice back really not easy; generally speaking, if we want to imitate the pulley pull-down in the gym, we can refer to the same by ATHLEAN-X fitness experts Jeff’s home practice back way.

Training steps to teach.
1. find two chairs of equal height and a certain weight
2. find one or more with the stick (I am using three broomstick tied together XD)
3. Tie the chair and the stick to fix
4. gently put the feet on the ground, with the pulley pull down the action to start pulling



(Image screenshot from Youtube channel: ATHLEAN-X)


(Image screenshot from Youtube channel: ATHLEAN-X)


Fourth: practice back with bag at home

Because not everyone has dumbbells at home, we can find some like basketball bags, travel bags, filled with weights, for dumbbells, and do backward pulling to achieve home training, home fitness back training effect.

Training steps: 1.
1. Find a suitable, sturdy backpack or bag (the length should not be too long, otherwise it will hit the floor when pulling, so it is recommended to use a travel bag or ball bag)
2. Fill it with water bottles, thick books or heavy objects to achieve the training weight you want
3. Find a position where you can hold and support yourself
4. Pull the bag backwards after holding it forward



If you don’t have a dumbbell, you can use a backpack with weights instead to achieve the effect of practicing back at home. (Image screenshot from Youtube channel: CHRIS HERIA)


(Image screenshot from Youtube channel: CHRIS HERIA)

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