4 Ways to Help You Overcome Low Blood Pressure


How to Overcome Low Blood Pressure

Do you always feel tired, but you can’t find the reason for mental incompetence?

Be careful! This may be caused by “low blood pressure“.

If you ignore it, it may cause chronic fatigue due to low blood pressure.

Severe cases will also cause shock and death, and the warning signs issued by the body must not be ignored.

Most people will directly think of high blood pressure when they hear “blood pressure”.

In fact, there are a group of people who are troubled by low blood pressure.

Blood pressure is the force that blood sends out through the contraction of the heart.

If the force is too small, it means that the blood is not smoothly sent to the body, and the blood contains nutrients and oxygen, which must be supplied to the cells of the body. It is very important.

There are 8 major symptoms of hypotension! How many do you have?

Hypotension is a potential problem, because there is no immediate danger, so it is less valued by people.

But ignoring the low blood pressure, you may suddenly collapse and cause other accidental injuries, you have to be careful.

In general, hypotension is defined as systolic blood pressure below 90 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure below 60 mmHg.

But most people may not pay much attention to their blood pressure, or even have no habit of measuring blood pressure.


Now check if you have the following 8 symptoms:

If it appears from time to time, or has caused discomfort in life, it is recommended to quickly find a sphygmomanometer to measure it!

1. Dizziness, severe or even faint
2. Blurred vision
3. Nausea
4. Often feel unexplained fatigue
5. Inattention
6. Cold hands or feet or cold body
7. Breathe fast and shallow
8. Dehydration

These 8 reasons can cause low blood pressure


1. Sedentary or standing:

Sitting for a long time or standing for a long time makes poor circulation of the lower extremities and poor venous return.

The amount of blood flowing back to the heart decreases, so the amount of blood output by the heart also decreases, which can easily cause hypotension.

2. Insufficient amount of exercise:

The muscles of the lower extremities contract, allowing blood from the veins to return.

Therefore, insufficient exercise and insufficient muscles will lead to poor blood circulation.

The blood flow back to the heart becomes less, which in turn affects the heart’s output of blood, and the blood pressure cannot rise.

3. Massive blood loss or dehydration:

After exercise, there is no timely water supplement, resulting in less water in the body and lower blood pressure.

If there is frequent dehydration, you must see a doctor. In addition, a large amount of blood loss from trauma or women’s menstrual period can also lead to lower blood pressure.

4. Malnutrition:

Hungry for a long time and excessive dieting in order to lose weight can cause low blood pressure.

Because of insufficient nutrients, the production of heme in the body is insufficient, and the amount of oxygen in the blood is not enough.

5. Postural hypotension:

For example, when you squat and stand up suddenly, a lot of blood flows down, you will feel dizzy, and you may collapse.

Therefore, remind you to stand up when squatting and sit up when lying down, so that your blood pressure can be adjusted.

6. Heart function is not perfect:

This is a congenital structural problem. Ask a doctor to evaluate the treatment method, usually using drugs or surgery.

7. Endocrine and metabolic disorders:

Abnormalities in the thyroid, adrenal glands, hormones, and endocrine system related to metabolic functions may also cause hypotension.

8. Taking blood pressure lowering drugs:

People who take long-term blood pressure lowering drugs generally have lower blood pressure, and they must be careful to cause “postural hypotension.”

If you want to raise blood pressure, you can do this!

If there are no special symptoms, hypotension requires little treatment.

Generally speaking, blood pressure can be adjusted to a normal state by daily adjustment.


1. Exercise is the best way to improve

The lower limbs can be said to be the second heart of a person. It is very important to maintain sufficient muscle mass, and muscles can only be increased through training.

In addition, regular maintenance can maintain regular exercise habits and promote blood circulation.

It is like walking 6,000 steps a day, jogging, etc.

Moderate exercise can relieve stress and make people happy, which in turn helps to improve sleep quality and make work and rest more normal. It is also a good way to normalize blood pressure.

2. May wish to eat salty, fat

People with low blood pressure and too thin (for example, BMI less than 18.5) can eat a little bit fat and reach the ideal weight to raise hypertension.

In addition, people with low blood pressure may eat a little salty.

The commercially available “low sodium salt” and “healthy delicious salt” replace part of the sodium with potassium, and potassium has a slight blood pressure lowering effect.

Therefore, people with low blood pressure are of course “unsuitable” for seasoning with this salt.

3. Drink more water

Especially in summer, sweating is easy to lose water, coupled with hot weather, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure will be lower.

If there is not enough water in the body, blood pressure will drop even lower, so you should usually take in enough water to avoid dehydration.

4. Ingest caffeine in moderation

Caffeine can suddenly raise blood pressure, so doctors will remind hypertensive patients to limit the intake of caffeine.

Conversely, people with low blood pressure can raise their blood pressure by drinking tea and coffee.

Finally, if the hypotension is caused by taking medicine, be sure to react to the doctor and adjust the medication to avoid long-term hypotension.



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