How to unclog a toilet by yourself?


How to unclog a toilet

Many people have experience of toilet clogging, often because of something like hair, toilet paper, etc. But how do we unclog the toilet ourselves?

The main reasons for toilet clogging are:
– There is something clogging the toilet
– The problem of the toilet lifting tank caused the toilet to clog
– The toilet ball plug caused the toilet to clog
– The toilet internal structure friction between the floating ball and the side wall of the water tank causes the toilet to clog

Make preparations before unclogging:
– Make sure that the water supply system of the toilet is turned off. Usually the shut-off switch is located behind the toilet and looks like a normal faucet.
– Do not turn off the water supply system of the whole house to prevent others from using water.
– Only shutting down the toilet’s water supply system can prevent “floods” in toilets.
– Make sure the toilet is well ventilated.
– Open ventilation equipment or open windows to minimize odors, and also avoid inhaling too much potentially toxic gas from any chemical products you may use.

1. Boiling water irrigation

If the toilet in the home is clogged because it has not been cleaned for a long time, then you can use the boiling water irrigation method.

You can boil a large bucket of water and then flush it into the toilet all at once, which will clear the toilet.


2. Plastic wrap sealing

If the toilet in the home is clogged by a little soft debris, then the cling film method can be used.

You can wrap the toilet with plastic wrap. It is recommended to pack several more layers (or buy a professional film for unclogging the toilet) to make the toilet tight. Then press the maximum flush button to pass the atmospheric pressure generated inside the toilet. Dredged the toilet.

plastic-wrap sealing-how-unclog-toilet-skill-myself-fix

3. Washing powder

If the toilet at home is clogged due to “oil stains“, then you can adopt the cleaning method of washing powder.

You can pour the washing powder into the boiling water and stir it, then pour it into the toilet together, and then flush it once.


4. Alkaline substance dissolution method

If the toilet at home is clogged by “dissolvable debris“, then the alkaline material dissolution method can be used.

Mix baking soda powder and white vinegar in a 1: 1 ratio, pour it into the toilet, soak for fifteen minutes, then pour hot water, let the alkaline mixture and hot water react with each other, you can dissolve debris The toilet can be unclogged.

soda-powder- white-vinegar-unclog-toilet

5. Disassemble

If the toilet at home is clogged by hard objects, such as mobile phones, toys, etc., then you can take the dismantling method.

You can use a knife to cut the glass glue on the edge of the toilet, take out the hard objects in the “S” pipe, and finally install the toilet back.


6. Plunger

Place Plunger in the center of the toilet hole, press it a few times, press Plunger with your hand, and then pour water into the toilet.

After the water is full, gently press Plunger a few times, the water pressure will suck things out.




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