What is the difference between soccer shoes and rugby shoes?

What is the difference between soccer shoes and rugby shoes? Can I play soccer wearing rugby shoes?

If you are playing soccer and are also concerned about the sport of rugby, you may be wondering if there are any differences between rugby shoes and soccer shoes, or even wondering if you can exchange them directly.

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In Asia, most of what is called soccer refer to the sport of kicking the ball with only the feet, with the goal of kicking the ball into the goal defended by the opposing goalkeeper. However, we also have “football” and “Rugby”. Regardless of the differences in the rules of these sports, they are usually played on outdoor turf and often require the wearing of spikes.

The difference between soccer shoes and rugby shoes

Because of the different rules, the design of the shoes is also quite different, for example:

1. Soccer requires controlling the ball by foot for a longer period of time. So the upper part of the shoe will usually be using plastic material to increase resistance to facilitate ball control, and the design of the overall look will not be not too fancy either.


because football mostly involves running, catching but not directly with the foot to kick the ball, so the upper can be designed fancier.


2. The composition of players in football and rugby is usually divided into “Power Position”, which is mainly used for assisting, protecting, blocking, and defending. “Skill Position”, which includes passing and running, etc. The difference between the two types of players in terms of size, playing style, and techniques is quite big.

Therefore, players who play in the power position (also known as a striker), do not show the flexibility of movement. Their main work is to defense. Due to that, their feet need to carry out strong support and resistance. So, they often choose a pair of high-top soccer shoes with longer studs.


Rugby players usually wear shoes with longer spikes

3. Because football requires more power when starting compared to soccer. Therefore, the arrangement of studs is also significantly different. For example, the toe of soccer shoes often has one more stud than soccer shoes.


Rugby shoes usually have one more stud at the bottom of the toe than soccer shoes


There are differences between soccer shoes and rugby shoes. Mainly in the arrangement of “uppers” and “studs”. Therefore, when choosing your shoes, you should choose according to your own needs!

For example, rugby also has a “kicking position (hand)” and they can also wear general soccer shoes directly, so technically there is still a place for both shoes to be shared; however, if you wear fancy rugby shoes to play soccer, it will be very difficult!

Besides, there are even indoor soccer shoes or special half studded soccer shoes, so you have to choose according to your own needs!

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