3 Steps to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Children


How to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Children?

Many parents always hope that their children can develop an automatic and spontaneous reading habit, and even develop an interest in reading and a desire for knowledge, but they don’t know where to start;

In this article, I will share simple methods and steps to try to make our children develop the habit of reading.

Before start, understand the purpose of reading

When a child grows up and starts to learn and understand characters and pinyin, he often hopes that he will enhance his reading ability and absorb more knowledge through reading.

I think this is what most parents want their children to develop reading habits.

Some parents hope that they can cultivate their children to self-study with meditation and patience, and learn to get along with themselves.

However, we should return to the basics first. The children are still young, and we must first make them “willing” to start reading.

Therefore, first find out what he is interested in, and encourage him to read it from time to time.

Then we can refer to the three steps and start to cultivate children’s reading habits!

For reading, in addition to ordinary books, many parents also use e-books, iPads, etc. instead, which is basically no problem.

It’s just that when selecting content, try to start with “more pictures”, “easy”, “interesting”, and “compliance”.


Step 1: Relax

We should try our best to create a kind of reading for children that is stress-free and relaxing.

We can create a relaxing and comfortable space by arranging the environment, whether it is on the turf of the park, parents’ bed, etc., as long as it is an environment that allows children to feel stress-free, take him to read together.

Step 2: Interact with children

If you can add some interesting interactions for him from time to time during the reading process, the children will be more interested in reading and even feel like playing games.

When reading with your children, you can tell them additional stories according to the content inside, or perform simple performances or jokes for the children according to the paragraph, so that they think reading is a very fun thing.

And you can also pay more attention to the children’s feedback and ask him: “Do you know what this means?” Or: “Do you like this?” Let them participate in the content of the story, and at the same time They explain what they don’t understand, and deepen the children’s learning by asking questions.

Step 3: Let the children choose their books

At the beginning, we didn’t know what the children liked to read very well, so I picked some content that I found interesting, but maybe the children were not so interested.

Therefore, you can take your children to the bookstore, or through the e-book store, let the children choose the books they are interested in.

Usually we let children read books that suit their own reading level. It is difficult to let the children choose the books they like to read.

However, only by allowing children to choose what to read can they develop strong and confident reading habits.

Even if the child’s choice of books may exceed their reading level, we can read it quickly by ourselves, do some homework, and use your own way to help them read and understand more easily, and even read a sentence with the children before letting the children Read a sentence.



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