How to design a good-looking logo for your brand by yourself?

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How to design a good-looking logo by yourself?

If you are not a student of design, design experts, and will not use some difficult drawing or design software (such as: AI, Photoshop, etc.), then I believe that this article can also lead the novice simple design of your own Logo.


The design methods introduced in this article are mainly based on the “online graphic design resources”, so the degree of customization still has its limits. This method is more suitable for people who do not require too much branding.

If you need a complex or more personal brand design, we recommended to use professional design software, or hire a professional designer!


Online Graphic Design Platform:

1. Canva

With thousands of templates and materials, that can be used to design DM, Banner, Logo, presentation, cards, covers, etc., and can even make small animated logos such as gifs, is a super useful free online tool.


2. Designevo

The site provides many templates and Icon materials, and also provides some shape assemblies.


How to use

Basically, these two free tools are easy to use for novices with little to no instruction.

1. Register an account in the platform mentioned above.
2. See if there is a logo style you like in the template section.
3. If there is one, you can add your company or brand name, change the logo color, scale, add or delete graphics, etc.
4. Save the file and export the type of file you want, and you’re done!

And both platforms have many languages setting. So for readers who are not so good at English, they can also easily make their own logos!


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