An Easy and Simple way to Fall Asleep Fast!


Easy and Simple ways to Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep is important. It is necessary to get enough sleep to sustain health, mental strength and concentration.

If the quality of sleep is not good, or sleep deprivation, it is easy to promote the body’s hormone secretion abnormalities, and even affect the weight (obese or too thin), damage the brain nerve, causing memory loss, depression, etc., as well as to increase the risk of various chronic diseases or cancer.

We have only 24 hours a day. So if you want to stay healthy, the most important thing is to get enough sleep. In addition to adjusting a good rest, reduce the occurrence of “insomnia”, as far as possible to fall asleep quickly and peacefully, is also very important!

This article will introduce you a good way to fall asleep fast!

Two minutes quick sleep technique

This method comes from a book called “Relax and Win” by Bud Winter .

One of the methods mentioned in the book is the sleep training method from the U.S. military. Because the military often needs to face unexpected situations, plus the time of duty is not regular, so they need to be able to control their own rest and sleep time.

The U.S. Military Academy provides a practice method and course to help these soldiers can go to sleep in 2 minutes (or even less); and usually these soldiers will carry out about 6 weeks of training time, after training even in a noisy environment, can still fall asleep quickly, the success rate is even higher than 95%.

  1.  Try to relax your face and the muscles in your mouth.
  2. Gently lower your arms and lower them to release the tension.
  3. Through regular and sufficient breathing, relax your chest and chest muscles to fill your lungs with oxygen.
  4.  Relax your thighs and calves and place them in a comfortable and secure position.
  5. After your whole body starts to relax slowly, start to clear your mind and imagine a scene where you can let yourself go (for example: a deserted beach, a beautiful sunset, lying on a boat, etc.).
  6. If the imagination doesn’t work, or even if other thoughts keep arising, you must say to yourself “don’t think now, don’t think now, don’t think now”.

This method is not usually successful at the first try, but we can see from the results of the U.S. Army’s training that getting to sleep quickly can be trained! Most U.S. troops train for about six weeks, so there is no rush, so take your time.



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