【American Football】How to throw a football like a Pro?

【American Football】How to throw a football like a Pro?

Although American football is a relatively unknown sport in Taiwan, in recent years, due to the influence of American culture and NFL stars, it is slowly becoming more popular in schools and adult organizations, and various teams and clubs have emerged.

However, most of the games are played in the “flag football” style without equipment, so there is less conflict and it is relatively safe to play.

In this article, We will briefly introduce you to how to play American football (American football), which is the hardest part of the game for newcomers.

To be good at American football, it is important to understand the principles and techniques of throwing it. Let’s get on!

Principle of throwing the American Football

The shape of American football is different from other balls. It is oval. Compared to English football, it is more pointed on both sides. The material of football is mainly made out of leather.

In the American football passing process, we need to keep the ball flying horizontally in the air as much as possible. Due to that, we need to let the ball choose to turn during the throwing process to reduce the wind resistance as to control the direction of the ball. Then the receiver can catch the ball well.


Throwing Technique (1): Gripping the ball

Because everyone’s hands are different in size, there are various opinions on where to grip the ball. But in general, we can use the seams on the football to help us grip the ball better.

In the beginning, we can start with a general grip, find a position where our hand is comfortable and feels like we can control the ball, and keep a gap between the purlicue instead of sticking to the whole ball for subsequent ball control.



Throwing Technique (2): Prepare Position

When throwing an American football, the ball is thrown at about head height, so it is important to keep your body balanced and at an angle before throwing.


Throwing Technique (3): Steady Footing

It is not advisable to use excessive force when throwing the football at the beginning, because it is different from other balls, so it is easy to lose your stance and cause the ball to fly horizontally, making it difficult for the receiver to catch the ball.

Therefore, at the beginning of practice, it is recommended to pay attention to the stability and coordination of the feet and to maintain the contour of the throwing hand.


Throwing Technique (4): Fingers position

In order to make the thrown soccer rotate, the downward pressure through the index finger is very important.

In addition to turning the fingers and wrist to increase the spin of the ball, the whole arm should be swung to the other side of the pocket. For example, when throwing with the right hand. The final hand throw (circular trace) should stop at the left pocket.


Source: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Throw-a-Football/


Source: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Throw-a-Football/

In addition, let’s take a look at the motion picture and note the hand rotation and the final resting trajectory.

(Some people like to stop at the crotch, others like to make a stop at the other side of the pocket, it all depends on personal preference.)


Whether you want to be a quarterback (QB) or not, as long as you want to play American Football, basic pass and catch are very important, and you may need to make short (or long) passes during the game due to tactics.

So get your teammates together and practice! Take your time to figure out the right way to hold and throw the ball. As long as you can make it fly smoothly, it doesn’t really matter how you hold the ball.


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