Golf Courses: 3 ways to groove and setup a solid contact


How to set a solid shot? How To Groove Solid Contact?

I refer to the post post in the figure below as the post position.


The closer to the hitting area, the less adjustments you can make before hitting the ball, which basically becomes autonomous driving.

So you may wish to stop at this position during the practice and check three items:

1. Devote your center of gravity to your feet

The knee moves towards the target, and the right foot starts to roll to the position where the inside touches the ground.

This means that the center of gravity has been correctly shifted to the left, helping me to hit the ball solidly.

The left foot is pushed hard off the ground to increase the swing speed.

2. The right arm is still bent

When down to this position, many amateur golfers have straightened their right arms, attempting to use the right arm to generate swing power from the top of the upper pole.

Bending the right arm keeps the club inside the target line, which is the best way to create swing strength.

The right arm cannot be straightened until the club swings two feet across the strike zone.

3. Maintain the wrist angle

The end of the club moved right in front of the right thigh, and the shaft was parallel to the ground, proving that I kept the angle of the wrist.

If you try to close the face or help hit the ball into the air, you will straighten your wrist prematurely.

Maintaining the curved wrist allows the swing power to explode at the moment of impact, and prevents the club from hitting the ground before touching the ball.

Check this video

How To Groove Solid Contact:

Try these tips quickly to enhance your golf hitting skills!



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