5 Time Management Tips to Easily Reach Your Goals

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How to do effective time management?

Do you often feel that you are very busy and anxious? Do you often feel that the workload is a lot, but you are always busy?

Sometimes we want to do or need to do a lot of things, but there is never enough time. The items on the To-do list every day seem to have never been emptied.

This problem has troubled me for a long time, so after I have tried a lot, I finally found a few useful tips, which I will share with you here, and I hope to give you a little help!

#1: Plan ahead

Before starting to plan my time, I spent a little time reflecting on why I always work poorly?

I find that most of my time is wasted on “worries“. I often worry about what articles to write this week? What to post? Or worry about whether anyone really wants to see such a subject?

Then after all kinds of entanglements, nothing was done in the end.

So I decided to think about the title of the article for three months (16 articles) first, and even search for relevant materials, and then arrange them in the calendar.

What are the benefits of this?

You will no longer be anxious because you canā€™t think of what to write this week, and you can ignore a lot of self-doubts, so as to avoid being entangled in what the reader likes, or the search popularity (SEO) of the article, and what the final result is “didn’t move“.

So you can list your daily tasks in your schedule first, and then execute them step by step. (List once a month, or once every season)


#2: Set the essence

The concept of “essence” comes from the book “Birth Time: High-Performance Time Management”. The author mentioned that as long as you choose one “essence” every day, you can focus on the most important things.

In my case, I am a blogger, writing good articles, recording audio, completing a week of Facebook posts, etc. is my weekly job.

And the “essence” mentioned here is not the only thing to do every day, but it is the task you must “first complete”.

Take myself as an example, the daily essence is as follows:

Monday: draw up a content outline for next week
Tuesday: Focus on writing good articles
Wednesday: Make a Facebook picture
Thursday: Finish writing Facebook copy
Friday: Article scheduling
Saturday: Marketing
Sunday: Flexible time

Setting the daily essence first can prevent you from suddenly thinking of something to do, and then eventually doing nothing.

Concentrate on the tasks to be completed on the day, and write down the thoughts that come in handy and arrange them at other suitable times.

When setting the essence, I usually reserve one day as a flexible day to deal with things that were not completed in the previous few days or to implement good ideas that I thought of before;

But if the to-dos of the week are all completed, then as a reward for yourself, take a day off.

#3: Batch processing

Continuing the above concept, after setting the essence, I will group the remaining to-do items, and then put similar tasks together to deal with, avoid collecting data, writing articles all at once, and then running back to the message, which can reduce The time wasted when switching between different tasks.

for example:

Collect themes:
I will collect the topics of the articles for a whole month on Monday, and then draw up the outline.

Production material:
Use one day to make the materials needed by the community, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, etc.

Writing articles:
Spend a day writing an article (at least one completed)

Other copywriting:
The copywriting required by FB and IG is also done in one day.

Reply to mail:
Use the remaining time to check and reply to the emails (so I turned off the Gmail notification on my phone to avoid having to open it all the time).


#4: Adjust the environment

I originally thought that the environment did not have much impact on work efficiency, so I usually choose to run self-media at home and write articles in my spare time (after all, I can save transportation and food money), but later I discovered that this was a mistake.

Because there are other family members in the family, someone may talk to you and call you every time you are in a state of concentration, so you are interrupted whenever you are about to concentrate.

After a few experiences, I would go to a nearby coffee shop as long as I deal with business and put on headphones to start work. I found that my efficiency immediately increased!

So creating a proper working environment is really important!

Organizing your desktop, moving it to a less noisy space, or explicitly telling your family and colleagues that you need to concentrate and ask them not to disturb you for the time being can improve your work efficiency.

#5: Isolate interference

In addition to the surrounding environment, another culprit that distracts us is the social platform and communication software!

Whether it’s Line, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, it will distract us. When we accidentally open a certain webpage, we will be attracted by advertisements and entertainment news next to it, or we can’t help but go on Facebook to chat with friends and take a look. What news have others posted…

When I realized it, another ten minutes was wasted.

How can I avoid this situation?

I will disconnect the mobile network, log out the line of the laptop, and use Todobook to restrict my use of Facebook until I finish the work at hand.

As for the Email part, it is mentioned above that I will stipulate that I will use the remaining fragmentary time to deal with it instead of letting myself check my inbox every now and then.

In conclusion

There is no best time arrangement, only timely adjustments.

Regarding time planning, after trying for a month, my experience is that we will never be able to do all the things on the to-do list, and we will not get it done once and for all just because we allocate time.

Because in any case, something unexpected will happen and interrupt our plan.

But planning what to do in advance will indeed reduce our anxiety and make our work more efficient!

When you know what tasks you are about to complete every day, you will naturally feel more at ease, and can alleviate a lot of self-doubt, save a lot of unnecessary inner entanglements, and then focus on the really important things, and then slowly go through the process adjust and find the SOP that suits you.




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