3 Tips to Increase Sales Opportunities and Close More Deals


How do you answer the call after the customer says “No”?

When a salesperson or business has been introduced for a long time, the customer still says:
The function of this product does not meet my needs
This style doesn’t seem to suit me.”

Waiting for similar words, will you sigh in your heart “Damn it, it’s a waste of time!”

Japanese debate expert Tatsuki Ota said in his book, “Humans are creatures who are used to negative attitudes towards things.”

When customers face the sales clerk, they usually remain vigilant. Even if they have already moved the idea of buying, they will adopt an ambiguous attitude, or even say no, and will not accept it completely.

However, “62% of customer rebuttals are lies.”

Ota quoted Frank Bettger, a legendary American insurance salesman, and emphasized that if you want to sell successfully, you must see through the other side’s “No“.

In turn, use questions to guide the other party to tell the real needs.

Method 1: Use “question” to answer “question”

Customer: “Does this store only sell high-end watches?

Faced with such vaguely questioning questions, if you answer “Yes, high-end watches are our main product”, the customer must turn his head and leave.

A more appropriate approach is to skip the question, ask the other party about the reason for the question, and understand the real idea behind the question, and then recommend a suitable product.

Answer example:
Clerk: “What kind of watch are you looking for?”
Customer: “I want to find a watch around 50,000 yen.”
Clerk: “Here are a few watches that fit your budget. Please choose and see.”


Method 2: Retell what the other person said to find the breakthrough point

Customer: “The design of this phone has no special features. I am not very interested.”

Hearing customers complaining like this, if you answer “this way” and “I’m sorry”, the dialogue between the two parties is over.

In fact, in this situation, you just need to say the same thing as the customer right away, accept the other party’s dissatisfaction first, and then use the same words to “counter questions” to find a breakthrough to solve the problem.

Answer example:
“So that’s it, I know. Could you please tell me, what kind of “designed and distinctive” model you want like?”
“So that’s it, I see. Speaking of models with distinctive designs, fashionable and popular models are the most popular. Which one do you like?”

how-to-sell products-salesman-marketing-speaking-skills

Method 3: Convert negative questions into positive questions

Customer: “I don’t understand what you mean, but it’s just a theory. And do you know how much it will cost?

If the customer not only rejects the proposal, but also raises a “negative question”, which makes it difficult for you to reply on the spot, Ota suggests that instead of feeling embarrassed and discouraged, even anger and refute the other party, causing both parties to fall into a dispute.

A better way to respond is to repackage the negative tone of the other party into affirmative sentences, and you might as well speak a little more abstractly so that the other party must further explain their thoughts.

Answer example:
“What do you mean is, how does this structure want to be realized, and what will it become from a cost point of view?”




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