How to reduce face fat? 5 face slimming exercises!

5 simple face slimming exercises and methods share with you

Many people are often dissatisfied with the shape or size of their faces, hoping to find ways to thin their faces or adjust their shapes.

In this article, we will organize and share five super-simple natural face-lifting methods(face slimming) for you. I hope to help you guys.

Face Slimming Method #1 : Healthy Eating

The most basic first step in face thinning is to first control whether the food you eat is healthy.

Many foods are taboo for people who want to lose weight, such as fried foods and sweets.

These foods are very easy to cause edema, puffy face, and accumulation of fat on the face.

For food, choose low-sugar fruits and vegetables, prototype meat, a balanced diet, and reduce the intake of processed foods.

In addition, you should usually drink enough water to help the body metabolize.

Face Slimming Method #2 : Facial Pull-Up Massage

From the position of the chin and nasal wings, repeat the lifting massage of the muscles on both sides, extending to the position of the temple.

(About 30 times back and forth)

This action can help the stretching and stretching of facial muscles, help reduce the condition of edema, and promote blood circulation.


Face Slimming Method #3 : Cheekbone to Nose Bridge Massage

The third face slimming exercise is a massage method that presses back and forth from the direction of our cheekbones to the bridge of our nose.

(About 30 times back and forth)

This action can pressurize our facial acupuncture points, achieve the smooth flow of facial blood, promote facial metabolism, and coordinate facial skin oil secretion.


Face Slimming Method #4 : Large Area Facial Massage

Put the index finger along both sides of the bridge of the nose, first push up to the forehead, and then massage to the temples on both sides, showing an inverted L shape.

This can effectively remove the lifting lines and reduce the accumulation of edema.

(30 round times)


Face Slimming Method #5 : Eye Socket Massage

Many people have dark circles around their eye sockets because they can’t sleep well, so that there will be pigmentation in the area, and they will accumulate moisture and fat.

So if you can, massage this area often.

It can reduce the formation of dark circles, can also promote blood circulation in the eye sockets and tear grooves, indirectly help the metabolism of the face, and achieve the effect of thinning the face.

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