How to Download YouTube Videos?


How to Download YouTube Videos?

How to download Youtube videos? I think it is a question that many readers want to ask. Especially those who need to make presentations in companies and schools.

People are worried that when the lectures are being presented, and the network is unstable, the videos cannot be opened through the links.

So It is a safer way to download videos from Youtube before your presentations.

Please respect the copyright law, whether you want to conduct public welfare use, academic research, or download a video for commercial use, it is recommended to inform the creator directly.

Method #1:Add “my” to the video URL

As long as you add “my” after “Youtube” on the URL of the Youtube video you want, you can directly link to the website software developed by a netizen, then download the video directly from the website for free.

Find the video you want to download, and add “my” behind “youtube”


After reaching the target website, click “Start” to start downloading the Youtube Video you want to download.


Method #2:Remove “ube” from the video URL

Similar to method #1.

You can also use this method if the download speed of method 1 is too slow, or the website happens to be under maintenance.

Like the first method, he is a free website tool made by netizens.

Just delete the “ube” of “Youtube” in the URL of the video you want to download and go to the new URL!

Find the video you want to download, delete “ube” from “youtube” in the URL.


Go to the website and download the Youtube video you want to download from the webpage.

You can download MP3, MP4 or GIF Youtube videos here

Method #3:If none of the above methods work

If method 1 and method 2 are not feasible, you can also use the following methods, which are similar to the above methods.

  • Add “ss” to the “front” of the Youtube URL to become ssyoutube
  • Add “to” to the “back” of the Youtube URL to become youtubeto
  • Add “pp” to the “back” of the Youtube URL to become youtubepp
  • Remove “be” and add “10” to youtu10


Hope it’s helpful to you guys!

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